Surrender To The Universe: Key Steps To Trust Completely

Surrender To The Universe: Key Steps To Trust Completely

Surrender to the universe

You’ve been trying to ask the Universe to deliver your dreams for so long but the more you want things to happen, the more obstacles showed up. Until you finally realized that sometimes, you just need to get off the treadmill and just surrender to the Universe.

This means, let go and trust the Universe will bring you what you need.

Noticed that I said that the Universe will get you what you need and not necessarily what you want? That’s because the Universe is much more intelligent than our logic, perception, and five senses.

So in some cases, even if you do whatever it takes and go the extra mile, you still might never attract it. Why? Because that thing you think you want might not be in alignment with your true essence.

If this actually happens, don’t lose hope in your other goals. Occasionally, we need to go through a learning path that could cause us emotional pain, but eventually, we’ll discover it was for our highest good.

We may discover that the Universe was doing us a favor by not giving us what we demanded. And instead, we got insights and blessings that are in perfect sync with our soul.

Unite With Your Wishes

Let’s assume you’re already in tune with your desires and you know exactly what you want.

How do you just surrender and let the Universe do its magic and bring your requests to your doorstep? What is your role and what is the Universe’s job? When is it time to focus on what you want and when is it time to trust and release the grip?

The ideal timing to practice surrender is only after you’ve been focusing your energy on your desires for a while.

If you haven’t made it clear yet to yourself and the Universe what you want, then surrendering is pretty much useless when it comes to manifestation.

Sure, you will be relaxed and at ease, but without the previous stage of active intention, you might just attract random things that are not important or relevant to you.

Giving your undivided attention to your desires is not enough. In addition, you need to become the thing you want. You need to align your vibration with your goal, even before you’ve manifested it.

To do that, it is imperative to reveal your real motives that stand behind your aspirations.

For example – let’s say you want to lose weight. It’s your job to explore with yourself what is your motive, what is the reason you want to achieve this? Which needs will that meet?

Is it because you want to feel good about yourself? Be more vital and vigorous?

Identify the true needs that stand behind what you want and find ways to get in touch with them, even before you witnessed the results you want.

Master The Art of Surrendering to The Universe

Now, after you’ve learned how to keep your eyes on the prize, the work is quieting the mind. Stop any resistance thoughts so you can then feel the impulse to move forward.

Usually, we experience resistance or discomfort or a sense of lack when we think about what we don’t have and how far we are from achieving our dreams.

When you’re attaching your happiness or well-being to the final outcome, it makes it easy for you to feel lack if the manifestation hasn’t happened yet.

That feeling’s frequency is entirely contradicting your desire.

But if you’re not only looking at the end result and satisfaction of the moment is enough, now there’s no resistance, you’ve surrendered!

This new state of being completely ok with your current reality finally makes room for the manifestation to show up.

As you release your worries, fears, and stress, you become open to all the goodness the Universe has to offer. But the more needy and contracted you are, the receiving channel is getting smaller.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to need good things. It’s your right to want to experience abundance. It’s your *reactions* to the absence of these things that make all the difference.

In other words, create a vibrational reality first. That’s how you put your foot in the new world. Read about the law of vibration here.

Trust The Universe And Let It Guide You

A surrender is as simple as listening for the answer rather than try to make the answer.

It’s as simple as quieting the inner chatter and watching the unfolding as it comes, rather than figure the answer out. Surrendering is trusting that things will work out just fine.

When you’ve got an active vibration about something that’s missing, you are saying to the Universe “I am not ready to receive it yet”.

As you can see, the contradiction in your energy does not serve you.

Instead, trust that the Universe has your back. Know that there is always a way, there’s always a plan.

Don’t introduce unnecessary resistance into the equation. There is always a path. Let the universe surprise you, guide you, and delight you.

But never ask the universe to give you what you’ve planned. Stop telling the Universe how you plan the plot to be played.

See, your point of view is very narrow and it is based on your ego. If things would actually happen exactly the way you planned them, you’d be having a very boring life.

But if you allow the universe to reach out to all of the possibilities, knowing who you are and what you truly need, then rest assured – your life will be exciting and full of miracles.

As much as it might go against your natural urge, stop expecting things to happen exactly how you want them to be. Let go of the “how”. Read more about that here.

You don’t always have to be the one that figures it out.

Trust the universe

And remember – never ever ask for the mundane expected everything on schedule just the way you wrote it in your book because that will bore you to death.

Be An Active Participant The Right Way

Many people are convinced that they always have to do something in order to influence the outcome. But that’s not always the case.

There is time for doing and time for letting go. The interesting thing is that when you surrender to the Universe, you actually become an active participant in creating your magical life.

As you put your trust in the Universe, you actually welcome the infinite choices and possibilities. You are welcoming the adventure of life, instead of blocking it with excessive “doing”.

Before you go, you might want to check out the tool I created for you that will assist you to speed up the process and increase your faith in the Universe.

This program is a special meditation that is designed to boost your trust and help you see that the Universe is here for you. So just surrender and let it shower you with love.

I hope that you now better understand this concept and you are more willing to surrender, open your heart and mind to let the Universe guide you.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.