3 Simple Ways To Unblock Your Chakras

3 Simple Ways To Unblock Your Chakras

Unblock your chakras

Do you want to experience more joy, clarity and tackle challenges with ease, and stay grounded no matter what life throws your way? Then you might just need to unblock your chakras.

Chakras are channels in the body through which the prana, our life force, flows.

When we are in balance, all moves smoothly through our chakras. When there is stuckness, energy cannot flow. When a chakra becomes, stagnated or blocked it is necessary to clear the chakra.

But see, sometimes, the imbalanced energy centers in your body, aka chakras, can indicate that you carry baggage that needs to be healed.

That means that if your chakras are not flowing properly, it is often just a symptom of a wider issue that is going on underneath the surface.

So working on your chakras takes more than just eating foods with certain colors or purchasing some crystals.

Awakening the chakras, entails looking deep into your soul and figuring out the deep-seated patterns, or programming if you prefer, that may cause these imbalances.

Self-Reflection Is The Key For Unblocking The Chakras

The imbalance can show up as physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms. Often times they are localized to the particular chakra where you have a blockage.

For example, you might have digestive problems such as heartburn if your solar plexus chakra is out of alignment. Or you might become chronically unmotivated to perform tasks that can take you to the next level of success.
It’s worth questioning the root causes behind these experiences.

If your root chakra is blocked – Do you believe you can’t keep yourself safe? Or perhaps you don’t trust yourself to be your own anchor because you believe you are not good enough?

Or if your throat chakra is blocked – why is it difficult for you to communicate your needs and express yourself? Is it because you learned that others’ needs always come first and you have to please people at your own expense?


How to unblock the Chakras – Read on

So as a being that strives for enlightenment and growth, your job is to observe the driving force that impacts your chakra functioning.

And at the same time, look into the 3 practical steps I share below to unblock your chakras.

This way, you will not only bring your chakras back in alignment but through revealing the limiting beliefs that operate backstage, you will also make sure the energy will keep moving.

How To Unblock The 7 Chakras

Yoga For The Chakras

Did you know that there are specific yoga poses and movements that are unique for healing the chakras? Yoga is more than just a physical practice, but an energy alignment method that releases physical and emotional blockages.

Regular yoga practice can help you get in touch with your chakra centers and channel more creativity, peace, and inner strength to your daily experiences.

There are countless yoga videos on YouTube which you can start your chakra-yoga practice from home.

Here are the main poses for each chakra:
Root chakra: Mountain pose.
Sacral chakra: Frog pose.
Solar plexus chakra: Boat pose.
Heart chakra: Camel pose.
Throat chakra: Cobra pose.
Third eye chakra: dolphin pose.
Crown chakra: headstand (Sirsasana)


Chakras are “spinning wheels” of energy that run along the spine, and each chakra contributes to a part of our subtle body.

A chakra can be visualized as a swirling wheel of energy.

Each chakra has its own unique color, and you can visualize that spinning wheel of energy vibrating a certain color.

The visualization technique can be even more powerful when you combine it while performing chakra work such as yoga or listening to my special chakra meditation.

If you need help untangling your subconscious knots and enable chakra flow, get access now to my special mind training tool.

chakra blocks

Whether you’re sitting or lying down meditating, or doing a yoga sequence, try to imagine the color of the chakra illuminating your body, especially where the chakra is located.

Here are the colors of the seven chakras in the exact order from root to crown: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Healing The Chakras Through Sound Techniques

Each chakra in your body vibrates its own frequency.

As a matter of fact, every form of being in this universe is in a position of vibration with its own frequency – plants, inanimate objects, and living creatures. Even each cell in your body has a unique frequency. The chakras can be measured by patterns of electromagnetic activity.

Brainwave entrainment, or sound therapy, is a method in which you can influence your brain waves and hence – change your mood.

What’s fascinating about sound therapy is that you also can absorb sounds through your skin and bones, and process them with your body.

Since each chakra has its own specific frequency, you can play these frequencies, wear headphones, and within minutes (!!!) open and unblock the chakras.

The great advantage of using chakra frequencies is that it is natural, without any interference of chemicals or conventional medicine.

By changing the vibration of your chakra, your body has the ability to heal itself and, by that, bring you to a higher emotional state of happiness, joy, delight, and alignment with your authentic self.

This is a very cool knowledge that was little known but only in recent years people are discovering the amazing benefits of this healing method. Get more details on that here.

Final Words

Unblocking the chakras requires ongoing maintenance, just like any chosen lifestyle. Restoring your energy cycle is similar to healthy eating habits or working out routine.

If you want the energy centers to function well, you have to nurture them with self-care to enjoy that balance and alignment.

Once you figure out the chakra healing techniques that work for you, stick to them until you feel that synchronicity again. Then, you can get off the treadmill if you like and use them when you feel you’re off your path or if you notice some blocks.

However, if personal development is what you strive for, persistence is imperative to break the loop of pain, fear, and anxiety and for good.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.