Why Believing In Yourself Is a Must If You Want To Achieve Anything Great In Life

Have you ever talked yourself out of what was clearly a great opportunity because you simply didn’t believe in yourself?

Perhaps you ran across the woman or man of your dreams at a party, but your feet simply wouldn’t move in that direction. Or maybe it was the job opportunity you come across last week while you were reading the morning paper, which you discarded as “too big of a commute”.

The lack of self-belief can be a funny thing when you think about it.

Let’s be honest for a second.

You probably consoled yourself with well-prepared, seemingly logical, excuses:

When you ran across that job ad, you probably sat there and convinced yourself that you were comfortable with the job you already had anyway. Forget the fact that it was your dream job—you didn’t need it. After all, not all that glitters is gold, right?


Nothing great and good was ever achieved without self-belief, and it’s about time you got yourself a healthy dose of this magical pill.

Without it, you run the risk of letting your best opportunities pass you by.

But what is self-belief? What does it mean to believe in yourself? And why is it so important?


Why Do You Need to Believe In Yourself

The word “self-belief” gets thrown about a lot these days. If you haven’t come across it over TV or the radio, you’re bound to come across it in a book or over the internet.

The only problem is: very few people ever take the time to explain what it is, and even fewer people take the time to investigate why it seems to be in such short supply among the population.

A lot of people associate it solely with elite athletes and those in the public eye like celebrities and statesmen. For many people, self-belief, self-confidence, or self-trust is just not something that comes into play in the day-to-day activities of normal life.

But nothing could be farther from the truth!

Believing in yourself has everything to do with living a fulfilled everyday life.

Self-belief means being your own crutch when the going gets tough.

It means that you have yourself to count on when the chips are down – and you relish that fact!

People who have faith in themselves are hard to miss. Those types usually feel good about themselves on the inside, no matter the circumstances on the outside.

They don’t apologize for who they are, no. They stand tall, with their heads held high, never trying to hide their bodies.

These are people who have a strong sense of self and clarity as for what they want, the direction they’re going, and believe that they deserve to get it.

They know themselves, are proud of who they are, and acknowledge the value they bring into the world every day.

That’s what self-belief is!

When you believe in yourself, your passion to achieve your goals is much bigger than your fears. So you simply act on great opportunities instead of getting intimidated by them.

Efficiency becomes your second nature

You don’t put off things and procrastinate what must be done since the fear is barely present. You’re motivated to make things happen and make sure to keep your eyes on your goals.

Having faith in yourself allows you to tackle and overcome the inevitable challenges more easily than the average person.

Sure, you may feel down and discouraged every now and then, but you’re going to be able to pick yourself up a lot quicker than someone who doubts themselves.

Why is this the case?

It’s because people with self-belief don’t give away their power. They know they already possess the potential to accomplish their goals and pick themselves up in times of trouble.

They look to themselves for answers, rather than turn to other people, blame circumstances out of their control, or curse their luck. People with self-belief make their own luck.

Self-trust is the secret sauce behind every achievement, both great and small, in the history of the human race. Nothing was ever achieved without it. And yet, so few people seem to possess it.

Before you proceed to acquire the self-belief you need to accomplish all your goals, it’s important to investigate why it’s lacking in the first place.

believe in yourself

Why You Don’t Believe In Yourself

Why is it that despite how important it is, more than a cross-section of the human population lacks self-belief?

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I used to struggle with self-confidence. Every single day, I would give myself a thousand reasons not to do what I really wanted to do. Back then, my lack of self-trust put every goal beyond my reach.

Today, it’s a different story.

But when I look back in hindsight, I realize that my dire lack of self-belief was simply an after-effect of my experience with unmet needs in childhood.

And it’s the same with most people who struggle with a lack of faith in themselves.

Allow me to explain.

Unmet needs can take many forms, neither of which have to do with getting all the toys you want.

For example, whenever you said, “Mom, look at the painting I made today,” and your mother replied, “Not now, can’t you see I’m busy?!”, your need to express yourself and you need to get validation from your parent went unmet.

That’s just one example out of infinite possibilities.

It doesn’t matter which emotional need went unmet, the fact is that if you grow up in an environment that is emotionally traumatizing, you end up as an adult who lacks a clear sense of self and self-worth.

You end up as an adult who lives by this sort of self-defeating statements:

  • “I’m not good enough like everybody else”
  • “I’m not in her league”
  • “There’s no point in trying—I always fail”
  • “I’m not as lucky as my friends are”
  • “I’m not smart enough”
  • “He can never like someone like me”
  • “If something good happens to me, a bad thing will follow”
  • “I don’t have anything important to say”
  • “Good things never happen to me”
  • “I’m defective”
  • “I manage to convince people that I’m successful until they find out that I’m bluffing”
  • “Why me?”
  • “I need to keep my head down so people will like me”

And on and on.

You’ve probably used a few of these excuses yourself.

Your lack of self-belief is simply a result of your mind as a child trying to make sense of your then environment.

Faced with a case of physical or emotional neglect or abuse, a child’s brain can draw conclusions like-

“If my mom doesn’t pay attention to me, I’m probably not important enough”, or “What I want is not important, that’s why nobody pays attention”. Or “I have nothing smart to say, that’s probably why my dad never listens”.

These imprintings got stuck in their brain, and they turn to be adults who think badly of themselves and doubt their awesome capabilities.

These people are the same ones who get offered a promotion at work, and panic. They think to themselves, “I can’t accept that offer to become a supervisor; I don’t think I’m talented enough for this and the co-workers will not respect me”.

I’ve been there.

I grew up with a controlling mother whose overbearing attitude deleted clear aspects of my identity. I grew up without a clear idea about who I was and what I wanted in my life.

It was not until much later in life that I was able to set clear boundaries, acknowledge my self-worth, and also feel deserving of my personal and professional needs.

Today, I know exactly what I want, I have clarity as for my goals and passions, and I have high standards in my life. And I’ll share with you exactly how I did it.

How to Rewire Your Brain and Actually Gain the Lost Innate Self-Belief We’re All Born With?

have faith in yourself

It’s time you did away with the negative inner settings that have been holding you back all this while.

Practice Self Inquiry

The first step of the journey involves paying attention to your behavior and emotional patterns. In other words – be mindful of what’s going on within you. Observe how you feel and act.

I’ve always encouraged high levels of awareness, paying attention to your decision making, how you react in certain situations, when are you being triggered, and generally being aware of whom you are.

Be Honest With Yourself

Try to be honest with yourself at all times about your true motivations: did you give up that dream job offer because you secretly thought it was too difficult for you to handle, or was it because of the story you told yourself about it being “too big of a commute”?

It’s important you be honest about your patterns so that you can tell when you’re just telling yourself stories.

Reshape Your Beliefs

The next step, after the initial step, involves uprooting the negative paradigms and embracing a new, positive mentality, more empowering than any you have ever had before.

It can be a simple process, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

It took me years to do away with the negative paradigms that were the bane of my existence. My goal was to make sure that you don’t have to suffer the amount of trial and error I did, before living the confident life you deserve.

That’s why I took the time to put together a special “Believe in Yourself” recording as part of my subliminal messages library.>

My special recording on self-belief will help you understand your own potential to accomplish all your dreams. You’ll take back the power to be your own crutch and pick yourself up from bad situations.

And also, you’ll start recognizing and going for a lot of the opportunities that exist around you, rather than waiting on luck.
The hidden commands that covered with soothing music will help you build solid self-belief like you always wanted.

Soon, you will realize that you have magnificent capabilities and talents, experience, grace, qualities, wisdom, sensitivities, intellect and energy, and there is no reason you cannot manifest your dreams.

You will be certain deep down that you have the infinite ability to acquire all the knowledge, tools and talents you need to succeed.

The recording will help you connect with yourself; you will sync with your genuine passions and desires. This program will move you to expose and fully distinguish your potential, without apologizing for it or feeling humble about it.

You will be proud of who you are, even though you’re not perfect. Having a powerful sense of self-belief is going to strengthen your authentic self-confidence without needing to fake it and without needing external approval.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Strengthen your mental muscles to manifest magical results, as you deserve.

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