Emotional Independence – Become Self-Reliant

Emotional Independence

Emotional Independence – Become Self-Reliant

Achieve emotional independence the easy way. This theta brainwave training meditation will help you become self-reliant and emotionally independent. The suggestions will help you develop a deep approach of an independent person and will replace your neediness with a sense of freedom.

  • Become emotionally independent
  • Stop seeking for others approval and rely on yourself
  • Balance perfectly between the need to be loved and self-love
  • Find inner peace, happiness, and emotional well-being
  • Be true to yourself without having the need to please people

Emotional independence

A good way to see if you posses an emotional independence is by asking yourself these questions: How many times have you dealt with the fear of disappointing others? How many times have you avoided saying something to someone because you were afraid it wouldn’t match the other person’s views? Every time you do this, is doesn’t feel good. Even though you excuse it with “It does not matter, I will let it go this time,” deep inside you know that it does matter and it bothers you.

What is emotional independence

If you want to experience healthy and harmonic relationships, it is imperative that you establish an emotional independence character. It means that you are not dependent on others when it comes to your happiness. Emotional independence is being aware of your authentic self – knowing what interests you and how you conduct your emotional system as an individual in human society.

Emotional independence means that you can rely on yourself without seeking approval. We are, after all, social creatures, and connections with human beings are an integral part of our lives. Yet we are also individuals with values and boundaries. Knowing how to combine those two needs is the key to successful and fruitful relationships, both romantic and non-romantic.

emotional independence-min

When you learn to love yourself without being emotionally dependent on other people’s acceptance and appreciation, you master your world. This kind of attitude, in fact, makes you more appealing and causes you to attract people who want to be around you. Emotional independence is a vital element of a satisfying life.

What is emotional dependency

Emotional dependency is a situation in which you hang your happiness on others. This is a state in which you remove any self-responsibility for your life and give it to someone else. Once you trust your inner self, you are paving the way to a happy and satisfying life; in this way, people will genuinely want to connect with you and be a part of your life.

When you feel emptiness and want to fill this void with people’s attention, it moves them farther from you, which strengthens your emotional dependency. We all want to be around people for who they are and not because they are filling the gap of someone else’s emptiness. Once you are emotionally independent and do not need anybody to set your values and define your meaning, you become the king of your life.

Improve your relationship with yourself

Many people are scared when they are by themselves because they are alone with their fearsome thoughts. However, once you have a harmonic relationship with your thoughts, you will not be scared to be by yourself. Developing emotional independence will make you feel comfortable being on your own without a constant need to have company to be happy.

Emotional independence is the opposite of needing someone or something external. When you are independent, you want to be surrounded by people and abundance from a place of expansion, not a place of fear.

Different motives

emotionally independent-minA person who is experiencing emotional independence as part of his life is not operating from a place of fear of loss, but from a desire to grow. An emotionally independent individual will not be afraid to express himself. Even if his expression pushes away a few people, he knows that he did not lose anything because he did not give up on himself. An emotionally independent individual respects ones’ senses of self; he is a good listener and accepts others because they do not threaten who he is.

Even if you have never lived in a spectrum of emotional independence, do not worry; you can change it. Emotional independence is an acquired state of mind. You do not have to be born this way to live this way. One of the fastest and easiest methods to create any deep change in your life is through subliminal messages.

The ultimate way to finally achieve emotional independence

This emotional independence session consists of hidden commands that will penetrate your subconscious mind and alter your limiting beliefs. It is specially designed to help you connect with yourself, your inner guidance and your true values, and express them freely when needed.

Subliminal messages are hidden suggestions you cannot hear because they are covered by music; however, they are enormously powerful and scientifically proven. Once the inner patterns that reside deep inside your subconscious shift, your results will change as well.

This is not all! In addition to the multi-layered affirmations, this recordings of emotional independence contains Binaural Beat. Binaural Beats are computer-generated sounds that stimulate all sorts of effects, including healing traumas, improving metabolism, increasing happiness and inducing deep meditative states.

Frequencies of self love

Binaural waveshave been highly studied and scientifically proven to help with physical and emotional illnesses. In addition, they are completely safe to use; you must wear headphones to enjoy their great features. The “emotional independence” session carry healing frequencies associated with long-lasting changes and the building of harmonic connections.

This is not just a regular meditation to help you achieve deep relaxation, but a powerful tool you can use whenever you want to CHANGE your unconscious brain!

Set yourself free of neediness

This unique formula to achieve emotional independence will help you reset your sabotaging beliefs and implant new ones! By replacing your negative conditioning with empowering paradigms, you are, in fact, shifting your reality.

You will change from a person who always needs approval to a complete and confident individual who is not easily influenced by the random opinions. Others will show you respect and appreciation because you are authentic, and they can sense it.

From a person who is afraid to lose people and who is okay with giving up on himself and his values, you will become a rock. You will not be afraid to lose anybody because you will know that the ones who truly love you will always be there, despite the different worldviews you hold. You will be a source of inspiration for others who are scared to leave their shells and are stuck in their own prisons.

Download ‘Emotional Independence’ session now. Change your subconscious. You’re worth it.

The Brainwave Entrainment contains 5.14 hz theta waves and have two main frequencies

360 hz – Emotional balance, earth rhythm, sense of joy
207.36 hz – Emotional renewal

The affirmations of this recording:
I release the need for others approval
I let go of the neediness for other people
I am valuable, worthy and deserving individual
It is OK to be alone sometimes, this is my quality time to charge my energy
I perfectly combine my independence with my love to be with others
I choose to bring good hearted people into my life
I choose to let in people into my life out of a healthy place of love
I joyfully letting go of desperate for other’s attention
I pass my time comfortably and peacefully
I find my center; I am connected to my higher self
I am emotionally balanced and manage my life out of happiness and serenity
My relationship with my thoughts is harmonic and empowering
when my thoughts are positive and healthy, it is easy for me to spend time with myself
I enjoy being around friends out of genuine choice
People want my nearness because they know I chose them for who they are
I am independent and free spirit individual
it feels natural to be self-reliant, even when I’m in a romantic relationship
my relationships are established on independence, freedom and deep connection out of pure love
My relationships are harmonic and healthy
my relationships are clean of possessiveness and control
I know who I am, my values and what I stand for
I am proud of myself, for my talents and for who I am
my relationship with others is perfectly balanced
my relationships with others are based on sincere love and caring
The only person I truly need is myself, yet, I allow myself to rely on others and trust them
I am reliable and can be there for loved ones when they need me