Attract Love Into Your Life With These 7 Steps

Attract Love Into Your Life With These 7 Steps

Attract Love

You’re tired of tedious dates that never seem to get anywhere serious. It’s not like you haven’t tried putting yourself out there. You signed up to dating apps and put a lot of effort into scripting an inviting, yet classy, online profile. But none of this helped you attract love.

So after doing all that, you might be asking yourself – how to attract love?
How come it’s so hard to find someone that actually fits you? When did it become so impossible to manifest a stable relationship?

See, attracting healthy love is not really about what you do, but it’s about what you are. Let’s dive deep into it so you can see what I mean.

Your old approach of trying too hard and being all stressed out during this process only brought you more of the same: toxic, negative, or unavailable people. But you’re not interested in that anymore.

The days when you were all excited by cheap sleazy drama are over. Now you’re ready for the real deal. You’re ready to commit and find your soul mate, the love of your life.

So let’s agree that what you already know hasn’t attracted the desired outcomes so far.

In order to create a new reality where love feels good rather than overly triggering, it’s necessary to be open to a new mindset. You got to have a different approach, new methods, and better solutions.

In this article, I’ll provide you practical guidance on how to get the love that is right for you. I’ll give you effective tips on how to be emotionally synchronized between your current state (being single) and your end goal (manifesting an awesome long-term relationship).

So don’t lose hope just yet. Finding your true love is possible and it can show up in your life faster than you imagine. Big goals don’t have to take forever. It’s all about alignment.

Here are the 7 steps to attract the love you’ve always dreamed of, fast:

Define What You Want

When I ask people – what is important to you in a relationship? What type of person are you looking for? Many of them just give me vague answers without truly connecting with their needs.

When I asked them if they happen to buy their first house, would you know what you’re looking for? All of them gave me clear answers. They knew exactly what they wanted.

attracto love into your lifeBut when it came to spending the rest of their lives with another human, they barely had any clue as to what matters most.

Defining what you want is the first step toward starting any kind of change or process you’re interested in. Especially if you’re serious about attracting love that will last.

Knowing what you want constructs order in your mind. It focuses your attention on your goal; it releases stress because you know where you are and where you are heading.

Setting a clear vision helps you literally shape your future reality.

Albert Einstein referred to insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Getting crystal clear about your purpose is the first step for attracting better love.

Explore Your Motives To Attract Love With Honesty

Explore with yourself your real intentions. What is the reason you wish to attract love?

Are you’re terrified of being alone? Getting old alone?
Are you scared you’re not good enough, looking good enough so you’ll just agree to settle for anyone who’d agree to date you?

Or do you actually have a positive starting point such as willingness and readiness to share your life with someone else? Or expressing the infinite love within you towards someone else?

See where you stand on the emotional scale to discover your point of attraction.

Have you been attracting love all this time from a place of fear?
Or have you been looking for love form a state of love, fun, ease, and excitement?

See, your emotional standing point is crucial for the results you will achieve.

Wouldn’t you agree you’ll have much higher chances to find your (true) soul mate if you learned to love yourself first, and then approach this entire process with a fun attitude?

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to get in life. The emotional manifestation must always come first.

“OK great! So I have to be super confident before I even start looking for love”, you’re probably thinking. Well, not really.

You can do both things at the same time. Start working on building your inner safety, get to feel worthy and good enough and self-assured. I explain here how to do it.

Anyone can do it, no matter what lies others have told you about yourself.

And at the same time, while you’re working on your personal empowerment, put yourself out there.

You will see, that overtime, your screening process of potential candidates will totally change. Unavailable, drama seeking, or energy-draining people will stop appearing on your radar.

Naturally, you’ll be navigating yourself towards healthy, kind and like-minded people.

finding love

Focus On What’s Really Important To You In a Relationship

Remember I encouraged you to define with you want and get in touch with your needs?

Many times, people refer this to “must-have” physical features about their match. They confuse these pointless desires with real values.

For example – “I want a woman with blue eyes”, or “he must be tall and handsome”.

Sure, I’m not saying these things are not important. But hey, that’s not going to get you anywhere, really.

Getting in touch with your needs is finding what is really important to you in relationships. Let’s say you’ll find a gorgeous woman with blue eyes, but she’s a terrible listener. Or she won’t truly see you when you’re vulnerable.

So identifying your needs is to ask yourself things like – Do I want to –

  • Be heard
  • Expressed
  • Connect
  • Feel intimacy
  • Have security
  • Be seen
  • Have more space and freedom to grow and have privacy
  • Be with someone who has compassion and empathy
  • Be appreciated
  • Trust wholeheartedly
  • Experience affection? Warmth
  • Have passion
  • Live in harmony
  • Have autonomy and choice
  • Establish honesty? Authenticity?
  • Have room for spontaneity

The list goes on and on, here are just a few more:

Reassurance, protection, flexibility, safety, to matter and belong, friendship, accountability, health and well-being, nurturance, power in your world, ease and comfort, respect, consideration, shared reality, understanding, security, and intimacy.

So yeah, as you can see, a “tall guy” or a “hot woman” doesn’t really help you to be laser-focused on what really is significant. If you truly intend to attract meaningful love, I urge you to discover your true values.

Check out the amazing book about compassionate communication – Non-Violent communication, it will teach you a lot about how to do it.

How Would You Feel After You Find Love

The next step is to focus on the feelings you’d feel AFTER you you’ll attract love.

For example, if you chose freedom as one of your core values, it can be something like:

  • I feel free in my relationship.
  • As my partner understands my freedom, my love is growing stronger
  • When I am free in my partnership, I feel more calm and relaxed.
  • I feel I can be myself in my loving relationship.
  • When I am given freedom, I become a better partner.

The affirmations’ list doesn’t have to be super long, but it has to be accurate. Make sure the things you are writing reflect what you truly desire.

Repetitive reading and visualizing: After you are done writing the lists, READ IT to yourself once a day for four weeks.

When you read it, make sure you are alone so you’ll feel totally comfortable. You can say it out loud if you prefer. What matters is your INTENTION.

Read the list with real deliberateness, get deeply into this, and feel the exhilaration! Get into this practice and say it like you’ve already manifested the love of your dreams.

Resonance, Alignment and All Those New Age Concepts

Whether you intend to attract money, career, friendships, and love – you’re required to walk the talk.

That means to become the thing you want to attract.

BE those things you are asking for RIGHT NOW, even before you have gotten them.

As you learn to master this skill, you will send the SAME vibration of the thing you ask for from the Universe.

Love magnetThat is pretty much the concept of becoming a human magnet. You’re pulling into your life, with ease, the goals that are on your mind.

So, if we go back for a second to our list, see in which ways you can meet these needs YOURSELF, right now, before the love you seek has shown up.

Let’s say passion is one of your core values and it’s a must-have in a relationship.

Explore with yourself – how can I bring more passion into my life before I had attracted Ms. Perfect?

Maybe it’s time to refresh your old, neglected painting skills. Or find new hobbies. Perhaps your local poker bar is having tournament nights you can join. Who knows? Your new obsession might be just around the corner.

The bottom line is this – look for what you really wish for and find ways to meet these needs in your current reality. Don’t just wait passively for someone else to fulfill them. Do it yourself.

Your life will get so much more interesting. And besides, you’ll be sending the Universe a clear message to of “I already got this! I’ve managed to receive what I asked for”.

From that point, attracting your future love won’t take long, since you’ve accomplished it first in your own emotional experience.

Let Go of Jealousy – It Gives You Wrinkles

When you see a loving couple holding hands and walk together towards the romantic sunset, do you feel washed over by crappy feelings of jealousy?

Or do you find yourself jealous of your best friend for finding that perfect guy by accident?

But here’s the thing: not only does being sucked in bitterness and negativity give you wrinkles, but it also keeps your future love further away.

And on top of that – if you ever manage to attract love if you’re in jealousy sphere – it will not resonate positive vibrations, I’ll tell you that much.

Soon after, you will find out that the person you have attracted vibrates the same or similar negativity as you. Is that what you really crave? I doubt it.

Envy is the number one obstacle people have on their way to attracting their wishes.

It doesn’t serve you at all. Never have never will. And it takes you down to low, gloomy places you don’t want to be at.

So instead of forcing your way out of jealousy, train your brain to embrace healthy alternatives.

When you see happy couples sharing their love, be happy for them. Know why?

Because that is the solid evidence that shows that love is abundant. It’s infinite. It exists everywhere! And it’s available to you at all times, just like the air you breathe.

Next time you find yourself feeling envious or any other unpleasant emotion, immediately challenge these thoughts with a high-vibe point of view.

It won’t be easy, it’s a practice. Just like it won’t take you one day to get a 6 pack, but if you do it relentlessly, you will one day.

If you’d like to get help with reprogramming your mind, I offer some powerful programs that might be beneficial for you:

Feel worthy of love
Clear emotional pain

Or simply browse the audio library and choose the meditation that fits you most to attract love.

Stay Calm and Know That Love Is On Its Way

After you recognized your needs, wrote a powerful list and listened to my meditations to attract love, it’s time to let go and let the Universe do its job.
Be Relax and Positive

Imagine how you would feel if your supervisor kept asking you every time you’re at work, “When are you going to finish your assignments?” and keep nagging you about them.

That ineffective pressure he’d put on you will make you become resistant. You’d lose that passion you once had. In other words – that pressure and stress would work against his best interest.

The same goes for you. Stop being so nervous about the “when” and start focusing on the NOW. Give the Universe a break and just let it do its job without your interference. Get out of your own way.

Once you put your intention out there, just trust that the love is coming.

How do you think the Universe would react to you when you keep on demanding for things to manifest on your own terms? You will receive what you asked for when the right time arrives. Not sooner, not later.

Every time you offer a vibration of, “When am I going to find love” or, “Why is it taking so long”,  you are pushing away the Universe’s assistance; you are harming the process you’ve created.

Doubt and worry do the exact opposite of the thing you want to attract. Avoid nagging, and just know that what you ask for is on its way to you.

This is a crucial step to understand in your attracting love journey and without it – the picture won’t be complete.

It’s important that you teach yourself to enjoy the process, smile more, and have fun with it. Be happy that love is coming. Be happy in the now, on your own, figuring out and meeting your needs.

Think about the process of growth in nature. Plants, for example, grow naturally, easily, and freely. They don’t strive to sprout above the ground; they don’t struggle in the process. Everything flows smoothly and simply as it should. If you follow these steps correctly, the right love will come to you.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.

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