Emotional Independence – How to Become Self Reliant

Emotional Independence

A good way to see if you have emotional independence traits is by asking yourself these questions: How many times have you experienced the fear of disappointing others?

How many times have you avoided saying something to someone because you were scared of disapproval?

Every time you keep this pattern going, it doesn’t feel good. Even though you excuse it with “It doesn’t matter, I will let it go this time,” deep inside you know that it does matter and it bothers you.

What is Emotional Independence

If you want to surround yourself with healthy relationships, it is imperative that you establish emotional independence to live a fulfilled life.

What it means is that other people do not become your main source of happiness. It’s about being aware of your sense of self, knowing your values, and what you stand for.

Emotional sovereignty is the ability to validate yourself, without seeking approval.

We are, after all, social creatures, and making connections with human beings is an integral part of our lives.

Yet we are also individuals with personal values and boundaries. Knowing how to combine these two seemingly conflicting needs is the key to successful and fruitful relationships, both romantic and platonic.

emotional independence

When you learn to feel good enough, without being emotionally dependent on other people’s acceptance, you master your world.

This kind of attitude, in fact, makes you more appealing. It makes it easier for you to attract people who actually want to be around you.

Your transparency and honest communication enable others to connect with the real you. That what makes emotional independence a vital component of a satisfying life.

Emotional Dependency

Emotional dependency, on the other hand, is a condition in which you hang your fulfillment solely on others. This is a state in which you remove any self-responsibility for your well-being and hand it over to someone else.

But as you start seeing your worth as independent of others’ permission, you are paving the way to a purposeful and peaceful life.

When you feel emptiness and seek to fill this inner void with closeness at all costs (no matter who that person is), it moves them farther away from you, which strengthens your anxiety of being left alone.

Here’s the thing – we want other people to be with us FOR US- for who we are, for our uniqueness. Rather than because they’re filling their void at our expense.

Once you are becoming self-sufficient and do not need anybody to define your meaning as a human being, you become the king/queen of your life.

Improve Your Relationship With Yourself

Many people afraid to be by themselves because they are alone with their fearsome thoughts. However, once you have a stable, grounded, and blooming relationship with your thoughts, you will not be scared to be by yourself.

Developing emotional independence can make you become at ease when being on your own without a constant need to have a company to feel like you matter.

It is the opposite of needing someone or something external. As you start looking inside yourself, you’d want to be surrounded by people from a state of choice and fun rather than fear and lack.

Different Motives

emotionally independent personEmotionally independent individuals are not operating from a place of fear of losing others but from a desire to grow. These self-reliant folks are not afraid to express themselves. Even if it results in making others taking a step back from them, they know it’s part of the risk and they’re totally cool with it. Sure, it can sting a bit to lose these relationships, but it’s much more painful to lose yourself.

Even if no one ever taught you how to be self-sufficient or being on your own and actually feel good about it, don’t worry. You can still develop these abilities.

See, emotional independence is an acquired state of mind. You do not have to be born this way to live this way. One of the fastest and easiest methods to create any deep change in your life is through subliminal messages.

The Ultimate Way To Stop Relying On Others For Happiness And Become Emotionally Independent

I created a specific recording that is designed to help you grow emotionally independent skills. The session consists of hidden commands that can reach your subconscious mind and alter your unhealthy beliefs.

The purpose is to help you to connect with yourself, your inner guidance, and your true values, and express them freely when needed.

The suggestions can help you replace your neediness with a sense of freedom. Are you ready to –

  • Become emotionally independent.
  • Stop seeking others’ approval and rely on yourself.
  • Balance perfectly between the need to be loved and self-love.
  • Find inner peace, happiness, and emotional well-being.
  • Be true to yourself without having the need to please people.

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Set Yourself Free of Neediness

This unique formula to achieve emotional independence will give you the boost to you reset your sabotaging beliefs and instill new ones! As you replace your negative conditioning with winning paradigms, you are literally shaping your physical reality.

Imagine what it’d feel like to make that profound shift, how far in life it would take you. What it would feel like to become that complete and self-assured person? A person who is not easily influenced by random opinions of them.

You’ll be surprised to see that most people will actually show you respect and appreciation because you are being true to yourself. And they can sense it.

From a person who is afraid to lose people and who is okay with giving up on their values, you will become a strong, centered, individual.

You will not be afraid to lose anybody. As you gain emotional independence, you will know you’ll always have yourself to count on. Moreover, you will turn to be a source of inspiration for people who are scared to leave their shells and are stuck in their own internal prison.

Transform your life. You’re worth it.

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