45 Law of Attraction Affirmations To Transform Your World

45 Law of Attraction Affirmations To Transform Your World

Affirmations for law of attraction

Did you know you have the ability to harness the law of attraction to magnet into your life infinite possibilities and flowing abundance? One of the ways to do it is to state law of attraction affirmations to yourself.

Most people believe that things happen to them and they have no control over their experience, but that can’t be further from the truth. In fact, you can manifest to your physical reality what you’re putting out there, which includes your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Use The Power of Positive Affirmations

In other words, the law of attraction links between energies and it’s connecting you with similar vibrational frequencies. These are manifested in the forms of people, experiences, circumstances, and opportunities. Whatever you focus on long enough – you attract into your life.

Positive affirmations are a wonderful way to achieve the results you want and create your ideal life if you apply them correctly.

What I mean by that is that some affirmations can have an adverse effect. If you perceive the mantras you say as false statements, then that can actually inflict anxiety.

Therefore, you should start gradually and pay attention to any sensation in your body. Try to notice if the affirmations make you feel good and positive or if they bring up any resistance inside you.

The goal is to come up with the best and most accurate affirmations that meet your specific needs and that don’t steer up any discomfort.

To make it easier for you, I listed below 45 law of attraction affirmations so you have a wide enough variety to choose which positive proclamations resonate with you.

As you continue giving your attention to what you want rather than the current undesired conditions, that will get the momentum going. Eventually, as you persist in this practice, you will have the law of attraction working for your highest good.

If you are ready to let your heart expand, attract miracles, and become more positive, then let’s hop right into it.

45 Law Of Attraction Affirmations To Repeat Daily

  1. I am open and ready to attract abundance into my life.
  2. I am worthy of what I desire.
  3. I am grateful for the gift of life.
  4. I am excited for the Universe to take me where I want to go.
  5. I appreciate what is and eager for what is coming.
  6. Just like a tree or a rock, I have a right to be here.
  7. I am the creator of my own reality.
  8. I make a conscious decision to focus on the things that are truly magnificent, uplifting, and joyful.
  9. I live out of my imagination rather than my history.
  10. I stay present in every moment.
  11. I make it a priority to take the time to do self-care rituals.
  12. Money and wealth flow to me with ease.
  13. The Universe finds ways to shower me with blessings.
  14. I am in alignment with the source of all creation.
  15. I am whole and complete love and channel this energy on earth.
  16. I experience a sense of peace and safety with every breath I take.
  17. I am creating an environment that allows manifestation.
  18. I am aware of all the beauty that is around me.
  19. Everything always works out for me.
  20. I process my emotions with mindfulness and then reach for a better feeling thought.
  21. I can shift my heart to feel peace in a matter of seconds.
  22. God created me valuable just as I am.
  23. I am receiving abundance in the path of least resistance.
  24. Great possibilities are available for me, just like the air I breathe.
  25. I effortlessly align with the things I want to attract.
  26. I am fully supported, protected, and loved by the divine.
  27. My job is to create positive feelings in myself even before I attract what I want.
  28. I first create through vibration, and then, through action.
  29. I like knowing that my job is to find joy in each and every moment.
  30. My vibration is a match to what I intend to attract.
  31. Well-being is my birthright.
  32. I am giving my attention to the presence of what I want rather than its absence.
  33. I am letting go of my attempts to control others’ feelings and behaviors.
  34. My responsibility is to feel good and then my environment will shift as well.
  35. The greatest gift I can give my loved ones is my own happiness.
  36. Regardless of what happened to me in childhood – I am worthy of love.
  37. I give myself permission to be that strong, capable person that I naturally am.
  38. Every day, I generate elevated emotions that fuel my actions.
  39. I deserve to take up space, just like anyone else.
  40. My voice, opinions, and needs are valid.
  41. I was born into this world to expand, evolve, and attract my desires.
  42. I let go and trust that my goals will unfold at the perfect timing.
  43. I focus on generating high vibrations and let the Universe take care of the rest.
  44. I am constantly being led to what I want.
  45. I’m in complete acceptance of what is.

These affirmations were carefully formulated to fill your heart with ease, optimism, and hope. If you like them and interested to speed things up click here to get my Law of Attraction booster.

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