How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract Money

How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract Money

Raise your vibration to attract money

Money is culturally linked to survival, triggering fight or flight reactions of the lower brain system. When this mechanism of danger detection is activated, our personal vibration is significantly decreasing. So what can you do to raise your vibration to attract money, rather than allowing money to stimulate responses of worry and stress?

See, it’s almost impossible to attract anything, including money, when our limbic system is turned on. In order to attract money with ease, we need to tune into a realm of peace and inner grounding, the opposite of fear and anxiety.

The fight or flight reactions make it difficult to think creatively and playfully about money, even if you already have plenty.

3 Money Facts You Should Know

1. Money is an energy, like any other thing on this planet. It has specific frequencies in which you have the ability to attune by offering a matching vibration on a consistent basis.

You probably know intuitively how it feels to have money, the same as you know how it feels to be in love. We can tune into the money vibration at any given moment.

Having money cannot corrupt or hurt you. It only supports you of being more of yourself. The money will give you the power to be more of who you are.

If you’re a jerk as a broke person, you’ll probably be a jerk as a rich person. If you’re nice and considerate who wants to do well in this world, the money will serve you for these purposes.

2. If you do something for long enough, no matter what it is, people will eventually pay you to do it.

3. The money will show up in your life with rapid speed and ease if you believe you are worthy and deserving to have it. Just like any other area of life – if you don’t feel like you’re good enough for it, chances are you won’t enjoy the benefits of it.

Think of romantic relationships, for example. If one person doesn’t feel worthy of someone’s love, and that’s the vibration they’re giving to the Universe, what would be the quality of this relationship? What type of love would that person attract – a healthy or a toxic one?

Change Your Money Schemas

In psychology, ‘schemas’ are the patterns of thinking that your mind creates to organize and understand the information it takes in.

Money vibration

See, if you view money as evil, or something to fear from, or something that’s hard to get, or something that you’re just not good enough to have plenty of it – then it’s time to alter your programming.

Easier said than done. Our schemas are rooted deep inside our brains and have been there long enough to gain momentum and create our realities based on these false, fear-based perceptions.

However, who said that everything should come easy in life? Some things are worth our time and effort. That’s how we grow and evolve to be the strong people we want to be.

My mind-shifting tools are specially designed to support you in your journey to let go of all the crap programming you absorbed from an early age.

In addition to eliminating your ineffective money beliefs through my programs, I encourage you to take an active role. For 15-20 minutes a day for two weeks, sit and observe the thoughts that come up for you around money. Educate yourself about the beliefs and vibrations you carry about money.

Your Mission For The Next 21 Days Is To Raise Your Vibration

It takes about 21 days to form a new habit. For some people, it may take longer, but eventually, time and continuous practice make all the difference.

Persistence can separate you and a life of suffering and pain.

You just need to push yourself at the beginning to gain momentum, until the new behavior becomes your second nature. The few first steps are the hardest, and then, it becomes a piece of cake.

For the next three weeks, your task is to find healthy ways to uplift your mood. I’ll list below my favorite ways that always work for me, but first, let me explain why it’s important.

When you’re feeling good, you’re decreasing your stress hormones. As dopamine and serotonin substitute cortisol, your prefrontal cortex has the flexibility to think clearly.

As you think clearly, it’s much easier to become a human magnet to money – you will notice opportunities and come up with profitable, money-making ideas without much effort.

When you’re tense, your limbic system takes over and there’s no blood flow to the rational parts of your brain that are in charge of thinking and processing information.

In addition, when you raise your vibration, your courage “muscles” come into play. This inspires you to take actions that push you forward to attract money and success.

Even small actions you’ve been procrastinating because you were scared to deal with – like paying your bills, balancing your checkbooks, examining your retirement fund, and more.

Maintaining a high vibration can help you see money opportunities, grab them with open arms, and help you deal with confidence with simple daily money errands.

The bonus part about it? When your vibration is high, negative people will naturally get distance from you. Moreover, you’d be able to sense how low their energy is and won’t feel any interest to spend time with them. Instead, you’ll find interest and joy in spending time with like-minded-like-vibration people.

Top 5 Ways To Raise Your Vibration To Attract Money

The end goal is to attract money obviously, but raising your energy gives you a lot more.

It provides you happiness, joy, relief, ease, flow, peace, and fun.

It literally enhances all of your life aspects and all it takes is altering your awareness and choose differently.

Remember, the first steps are challenging, so don’t give up because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone.

Here are my top pics to elevate your frequency:

man increases energy

1. Listen to specific tracks with hidden suggestions to attract money.

There are many reasons why you’re struggling to attract money and wealth. My audio library breaks down these reasons and offers specific mp3s that tackle these challenges.

Here are a few that might be relevant to your needs:

Feel worthy and deserving of the money.
Think like successful people.
Improve your relationship with money.
Overcome the belief that you are not good enough.

2. Read books written by millionaires.

The most popular one would probably be ‘rich dad poor dad’. My favorite is ‘how rich people think’ by Steve Siebold – this book is written in a simple to understand language that will teach you the right mindset to reach financial success.

3. Keep a $100 bill with you always.

This simple exercise will send the message to your brain that you always have enough money. Try to involve your senses in this process by touching it often, even smelling it. Yeah, I know. It might be weird to smell money, but the more you engage your senses, the higher the impact on your brain and your vibration.

4. Take cold showers.

You might be asking yourself how cold showers have got to do with increasing your vibration or attracting more money.

Well, showering in cold water has many health benefits that I won’t cover here. But beyond all the healthy stuff, cold showers can actually make you more resilient to stress. They can turn you into a mentally strong, grounded, person.

Do you know these people who always stay calm no matter what happens? If you want to start responding with more inner peace to the challenges life throws your way, taking cold showers can assist you to build your tolerance to stress.

According to Wim Hof, who gained the Guinness world records for swimming under ice, “it takes a strong mind to endure the cold for extended periods of time. By incorporating cold showers into your daily routine, you are strengthening your willpower, which benefits many aspects of (your) daily life.”

As you become emotionally resilient and can handle more stress effectively, it would get easier to attract your money goals, embrace opportunities that cross your path, and be less reactive to the ever-changing, dynamic world we live in.

5. Look for general pleasing thoughts on a daily basis.

You see, the main thing that keeping you away from turning into a higher vibration for the long run is focusing on your current reality, and disliking it. Read more about it on my post where focus goes energy flows.

Many of you feel crappy about your reality, so it echoes back to you. In other words – you allow your current conditions to take over and dictate how you feel. Your emotions are like a wobbly leaf in the wind, the complete opposite of being grounded.

No matter what you’re going through right now, you can train yourself to raise your vibration. The secret? don’t focus on specific things that bring up resistance, such as finding more ways to manifest money. You’d be able to start attracting it with more ease if you go general at first.

Start generating pleasing thoughts like –

“I’m so happy to be outside and feel the sun on my skin”; “I’m so grateful for my friends”; “It feels so good to sit in front of the lake”; “I love being in nature and feel my heart expanding”.

Then, after a few months of practicing general good feeling thoughts, this new heightened vibration you offer will become the dominant one.

After a while, when specific subjects like money won’t stress you as much (because you’d be radiating high vibration), you’d be ready to go more specific and entertain good feelings thoughts that will not steer up internal resistance. For example:

“I’m so happy that all it takes is a shift of energy to attract money into my life”.

“I know that the resources are endless, and I can always have enough money, just like the air I breathe”.

You might want to check out my frequency booster to start skyrocketing your vibration and keep it high, no matter what current conditions you’re facing.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.