Tapping Into The Vortex

Before I explain how to get into the vortex, I will first describe what this mysterious concept means and why you should want to be in it. I invite you to join me. Let’s resonate together the vibration of the vortex.

Esther Hicks has been tapping into an infinite intelligence that is called “Abraham.” She is the one who started this whole field of the “Law of Attraction” that you saw in “The Secret”. Over the years, she gradually developed this whole idea of “like attracts like,” which means that when you put your energy into a certain thing, everything that is similar to that energy is attracted into your life.

She also brought about the term “vortex.”

What is the vortex?

Vortex is an energetic stream that belongs to our source. It is a sphere of high vibrations only, and connecting to it makes everything possible.

How can you connect with this feeling that everything is possible? Like you feel when you’re in love? Or those moments when you feel that everything is going to be fine? These moments when you feel omnipotent? How can you reach this feeling on a daily basis and maintain it easily as much as possible?

The most important thing you need to internalize is that everything in this universe is an energy and carries a certain vibration. You are a vibrational being.

The vibration that is you and the vibration that is anything else are managed by the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction puts together the vibrations that are the same.

Your vibrational state

vibrational energy According to the Law of Attraction, you are a live magnet, and you are inviting into your life people, situations and experiences that harmonize with the emotions and thoughts you carry.

The word “vibration” usually describes a certain mood of feeling. There are only two vibrations: positive and negative. It could be that you feel uplifted, vibrant, in love or any other feeling that makes you feel good; those feelings fall under the category of a positive vibration. When you’re angry, hurt, distant or sad, you resonate with a negative vibration.
A negative vibration is, in fact, the farthest place from the vortex; it’s the place where you don’t want to be.

The Law of Attraction responds to your vibration signal and brings you more of this vibration. That is the reason why the rich get richer, and why those who feel happy on a regular basis get more reasons to be happy. That is why people who cherish and appreciate everything they already have magnetize more factors that deserve to be appreciated.

How to increase your vibration, or how to get into the vortex and stay there?

The vortex is the place you want to be; it’s this wonderful emotional scope where you are connecting to high vibrations of abundance. You know and realize that you need to be there in order for things to manifest for you in reality.

Do you see how lucky you are that you have the ability to tap into an energetic field that is always available to you, and that allows you to design your reality? Can you capture how lucky you are that you can enter a place where you can ask what you really want, despite your current reality?

good vibration

This is a place where everyone, including you, has an infinite source which they can connect to every time at any given moment.

When you’re connected to this wonderful world of the vortex, there is no reason to fear the future, to feel threatened or in competition with others; there is no reason to step on others to make progress; there is no reason to make others feel bad so that you can feel good about yourself.

There is no need to feel that others receive more than what they deserve; there is no reason to feel that there is an inequitable distribution of funds, because out of these perceptions you are creating a negative vibration around you and inviting the same vibrations into your life.

In this scope of the vortex, you are simply asking and receiving. No one can put you there, only you.

The vortex is not a result, but a vibrational state you’re in. when you’re in the vortex, the universe is working for your highest good.

Contradicting reality

What happens when you have evidences in reality that are resonating everything you don’t want?

You truly want to find the love of your life and looking for someone to whom you can totally devote yourself, but in real life your nights are lonely and nothing changes. You want a higher income, but in reality you are stuck at the same job for which you feel no desire.

The vortex is here, it’s always here, but you’re not in it. The vortex is waiting for you with all the positive opportunities that fit you like a glove, with the love of your life, with a meaningful career, but you’re not there; you’re out.

Negative perceptions take you out of the vortex

Every time you’re complaining about your current reality (the evidences that appear in your life) and about how bad you feel because of your reality, you are responding to “what is.”

Responding negatively to the things that are happening right now, the things you are not satisfied with, takes you out of the vortex zone and puts your focus on what you don’t want.

For example, if you are complaining about your best friend going out with a gorgeous woman, the way he treats her and how perfect you could have been for her… you’re only keeping yourself away from the best place in existence – the vortex.

On the other hand, being happy for your friend and knowing that there is someone special out there for you puts you in alignment with the vibration of love, and that speeds up the manifestation process faster than you can imagine.

Think about what you want and not about what you don’t want. See the good in people and situations, and if you can’t see the good in them, don’t invest time in thoughts about what is bad. Avoid going in that direction.

Pray instead of criticizing (not necessarily religious prayers, but also spiritual); appreciate instead of grumbling; enjoy your experiences instead of pointing to what’s wrong with them. Train yourself, every single day, to take steps and connect to the vortex.

Respond to your imagination

imaginationOnce you are responding to your imagination or to the feeling you think you will have after achieving your goal, you match your frequency to the vibration you want to attract. (It is called “vibrational match.”)

You are getting into a state of alignment with your goal. When you are in alignment, you are getting closer to your goal instead of keeping it away. You are working together with your goal on the same line and not with two separate lines.

You cannot attract something positive to your life from a negative place

You cannot attract a harmonic love that resonates a positive vibrational state if you are in a place of ongoing criticism and a lack of love towards yourself and others. You cannot attract something positive out of a place of lack or absence. It just doesn’t work this way.

For example – one of my friends told me that she can’t wait to have a loving relationship. I asked her, “What is the reason you want to be with someone?” She answered, “Because I don’t want to be alone.” As you see, my friend had a positive goal from a negative starting point. Pay attention to your motives and your reasons for wanting things.

I encouraged my friend to look for reasons to have a relationship that have nothing to do with the negative aspects of other options (in that case, the “being alone” option). “Well,” she said, “I do want to share my love, the wholeness and calmness I feel.” That is a much better reason, because it will help her attract not only love, but also a more accurate potential partner for her.

The reason why the physical reality always provides you with evidence of lack is that you are stuck in a negative vibrational state.

Distract your focus from responding negatively to your reality, where many things are absence, and start to react to your imagination.

If, for example, you want to attract love and you’ve been going out on dates and nothing happened, get into a positive spiral and respond to what you want to happen. In other words, you need to be the thing you want to attract, before you manifested it in your physical reality.

Here is an example of a conversation you can have with yourself:

“What is the point of going out again? I know it will be a complete failure. I’ve dated so many times, and I’m still single. Something is wrong with me, and I’ll end up all alone!”
Wait! Stop yourself! Stop this negative flow of thoughts that only put you away from what you really want.

Try to remember what you read at vortex-success – be in alignment. “Alright then, I’m going to try… let’s see… how can I react to my imagination in a way that will sound convincing? Well… I’m going to tune into a higher vibration. I’m going to have a great time on the date, and if this doesn’t work, that’s okay.

“I know I’m on my way to attracting my true soul mate. There are many people I know who have found the loves of their lives. My cousin found her current husband after a painful divorce that crushed her soul, but she feels wonderful now.

“I know there is an endless love in this universe and I can connect to this love every time I want to by feeling good about the little things I have, by being with friends, by reading a good book and walking on the beach, by listening to someone’s story or by visiting my grandmother. I know there are amazing people out there who are looking for this special soul connection, just like I am.

“I know I am going to find my special one who resonates the same vibrations. I am going to love myself and practice it every day, and that will automatically put me in a positive state. I know I have achieved things I wanted in the past, and I did attract wonderful experiences.

“Many times before I felt that abundance flowing to me… like those times when there was still money left in the parking meter; a heritage I got; money I found in the street; a scholarship I received; a job interview my friend got me before it was advertised to the public; people who wanted to be close to me; emotional letters I got from friends and family; happy events I participated in; a song I thought about and suddenly played on the radio… I can feel good about myself.

From now on, I’m going to be aware of my vibrational state and practice my feelings by doing things that make me feel great. Sigh… I feel better now.”

Allow yourself to roll in this spiral of positive thoughts. React to your imagination that is based on things you wish to happen, on good past experiences and on evidence you received (or evidence others received – like those couples in love around the globe). All of those will make you feel better and connect you to the vortex.

Now imagine that you train yourself to feel like that every day! A few times a day… Most of the day…


Imagine the changes you can create in your life if only you become aware of your automatic thoughts, your focus and where you direct your energy.

Be aware of the place you’re going to in your head – is it a good place? Or do you go to a place of negativity? A place of “it isn’t fair”; a place of “why does he have this and I don’t?”

What if I can’t react to the imagination

It’s just enough to distract your thoughts from the negative baggage you drifted into. You can easily distract yourself by taking deep breaths. Three seconds of inhaling and filling out your stomach and lungs with fresh air and five seconds of slow exhaling can do miracles.

It doesn’t take long, and this act creates an instant relaxing effect. It’s no wonder that every meditation session begins with the slow breathing process because this is the base to senses of peacefulness and serenity.

Aside from the breathing technique, it is highly important that you practice having a positive interpretation. If you’re reality is not where you want it to be, ask yourself – what’s good about it? What benefits do I get from this? If you find it difficult to visualize and live your imagination instead of your unsatisfying reality, simply shift the way you perceive your reality.

Remember the example of my friend who wanted to have a relationship just because she didn’t like the other option (her current reality – being single). I offered her an alternative point of view of enjoying the “what is,” enjoying being single, instead of complaining about it.

Just because you are finding positive things about your reality, it doesn’t mean that you plan on being in that spot forever. It only means that you build your “positive interpretation muscles” so that you can expand and grow. Therefore, seeing the good in your current situation radiates a positive vibration that helps you manifest your desires faster and easier.

Start small

Every day, practice with yourself entering the vortex.

Take 17 seconds when you are tuning into a flow of energy by responding to your imagination and to wonderful experiences that manifested for you (even if they’re small).

Slowly, you will train your mind and heart to enjoy this process, and with due time you can lengthen the amount of time you stay there by a minute, 10 minutes and even hours.


The vortex is the place you want to be, so pay attention to your focus. If you’re not happy about your life at the moment, bring your focus to where you want to be.
The law of attraction will react to that and will do everything to bring you to that spot.
If responding to your imagination (or goal) is too difficult, simply find the good things about your life at the moment.
For example, If you hate your job, find what’s good about it. Practicing that on a daily basis will instantly shift your vibration and get you out of the negative spiral you got yourself into.

Until next time,