The Magic of Abundance: How to Develop an Abundant Mindset to Attract What You Desire

Abundance Mindset

Abundance is a frequently used word that’s infrequently understood. Abundance is a word that encompasses so much more than a particular view regarding money, which is typically how abundance is addressed. Rather, to understand what is abundance mindset, we first must understand scarcity.

Scarcity is the mindset that resources are finite—in this particular example, we’re not talking about petroleum or precious stones.

Rather, when we discuss a scarcity mindset, we’re discussing a mindset that limits our control over our destinies by believing that happiness, money, health, gratitude, friendship, love, support, and so on, are finite resources.

However, the abundance mindset is crucial to embracing a better life because abundance knows no limit, no restrictions. Abundance is the concept that these intangible, purposeful resources are limitless and available for everyone.

It may be difficult to embrace an abundant mindset right away – we are only human, after all. Our brains have been wired from the dawn of mankind that humans must battle for food, water, territory, and mates in order to survive.

Consequently, our brains are often reluctant to accept the theory of abundance. Why would it be easy to accept the very thing our biology has been advised against? Nevertheless, a mindset of abundance is worth fighting for.

How Abundance Consciousness Can Transform Your Life

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Abundance leads to a happier life, and it also leads to your best life. And hell, isn’t that what we’re all after in the end? To live the best life we can live?

Abundance is key in living our best lives because developing this mindset is known to improve quality of life.

As an example, I used to believe that abundance equated money. Then, I took a life-changing trip to the Far East. These people, these families, had nothing—nevertheless, they were happy and they lived each day with passion and purpose.

Why, then, were some of my friends and acquaintances from the West depressed, anxious, and unfulfilled, despite their wealth? I knew I was missing something, and I knew I was about to discover something powerful.

I did a lot of soul-searching, desperately searching for the truth. Was it enough to be content with life despite struggling to keep a roof over your head? Likewise, was it enough to be discontent with your life, but want for nothing?

I came to this conclusion: wealth alone is not abundant living, and joy alone is not abundant living.

Abundance is a profound flourishing in multiple areas of our lives that create a beautiful and sacred balance. We must have an abundant mindset and action sequence in regards to wealth and joy, as well as health, gratitude, friendship, love, and support.

Since embracing an abundance mentality doesn’t come easy, I’ve created a healing subliminal meditation for this specific subject. My program can help you enjoy the ‘what is’, and from that state of joy and gratitude – expand the good in your life.

A constant exposure to this track will also help you attract empowering experiences, opportunities, and reasons to be grateful for.

Natural Abundance

Abundance can be found all around us, as easily as spotting the blue of the sky overhead when we become trained in the art of recognizing and embracing abundance.

Nature itself reflects the abundance of our universe. The stars, the moon, the oceans, the birds, the mountain peaks—these “resources” were never earned by mankind.

Rather, we were born into the abundance of existing on our planet. These beautiful artifacts of nature simply “are,” there for us to view and experience. They are here, available for you whenever you wish.

Abundance is the infinite goodness that surrounds us. When we develop an abundant mindset, we do so with the understanding that there is never a shortage of love, or money, or health. There are enough resources for us all to thrive in our destined alignment.

Simply put, our paradigms control our view of the world, and far too often, we focus on what we lack. However, when we trade our limiting beliefs the concept of infinite possibility – we, ourselves, become infinite in our potential.

The law of attraction states that you will attract what you believe. When your mind is drawn to the holes in your life… when your brain is trained to recognize the things that you lack – you will find that the things and feelings you lack become your existence.

However, when you believe in abundance, when you are positive that there is enough for you, you are worthy, and good things will come to you, you attract abundance.

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How To Develop An Abundant Mindset

Developing an abundant mindset is very simple. However, its simplicity doesn’t diminish its difficulty. Recognizing and attracting abundance is very much reliant on continuous practice to create mastery.

But don’t let this discourage you!
Obtaining an abundant mindset is well within your reach if you follow the tips below:

Recognize, appreciate, and consciously thank the “what is”

Do it even before you even consider attracting “what is yet to be.” You cannot ask an empty well for water.

Gratitude feeds your attractive powers. Acknowledge the universe’s kindness and reflect it back upon the universe in order to become fully aligned with what you desire.

The universe WANTS to work with those who embrace the importance of what has already been bestowed upon them.

Use hardship to your advantage

When things go wrong, just like when things go right, you are presented with choices and opportunities for abundance.

Difficult times are a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection and self-observation. Often, people have negative repeating patterns that control their lives and make each attempt as fruitless as the last. Why?

Because when we experience “failure” without examining why we failed, we do ourselves a disservice.

  • Failure is the perfect opportunity to discover how to succeed. As an example, if we notice that we are repeatedly getting rejected by potential romantic partners, the universe is screaming, “Hey, you’re messing it up!” We need to be active listeners, especially in the dark and silent moments of our lives.
  • People who embrace abundance know that “this too shall pass” is more than just an adage. They also know that, as previously mentioned, hardships present opportunities for self-reflection and enacting change.

Hardships can always be leveraged to escalate our enlightenment and evolve into our best selves. Another adage people of abundance align themselves with is “you either win, or you learn.”

Everything happens for a reason; we must accept our results while fighting for our desires.

Discard your feelings of jealousy

The success of others, whether you admire them or not, is a clear sign from the universe that abundance is alive and well.

Further, while envy is perfectly natural, it is a wasted emotion that dims our state of light and tunes our emotions into a negative frequency.

When we allow low vibes to dim our positive state, we become more vulnerable to further negative feelings that can jeopardize our happiness and practices of gratitude and abundance.

I explain in this post how to stop envy what others have.

To Sum It Up

When you possess an abundance mentality, you understand yourself, your passions, your value, and your purpose. This is because when we have clarity in our purpose and worth, it is easier to focus on the activities, feelings, and people who matter to us.

When we focus on our own alignment and destiny, the negative influences of external events become minimized.

When we find our alignment, we attract what is meant for us to attract. We become beacons of the light that we desire and the light we need to frame our lives.

Further, abundant people have high standards due to this intense focus and consequently surround themselves with the people and resources that bring positive energy to their lives. Abundant people are significantly less likely to allow negativity into their lives.

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