Manifesting Money: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Manifesting Money: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Manifesting money

One of the most common reasons that people turn to the Law of Attraction is for the purpose of manifesting money. That’s not a bad thing. I mean, let’s face it, money is an essential tool in our lives.

Are you tired of daydreaming about your goals to no avail? Maybe you’ve been trying to generate higher income for a while now and have nothing to show for your efforts.

We’ve all been there. I remember once having to eat cereal for two days because I had to wait for my salary to come through. (Talk about stressful.)

If you’re in a tough spot right now, or just want to improve your financial life, then this manifestation blueprint is for you.

In it, you’ll learn the EXACT stages to overcome challenges around money, and turn your situation around.

The thing is, these methods are tried and true. I’ve used them myself to bring myself from barely getting by to being financially comfortable.

Before we get into the exact steps you need to be taking, let’s take a quick look at the mind, the Universe, and how they work together to create your reality.

Today I will share with you one major component you may have overlooked that will 10x your ability to manifest your money reality. After applying this method, you will witness results so quickly you won’t believe it’s actually happening!

Are you ready?

Okay, here it is: Tune into your feelings!

Here’s what I mean by that:

Let’s say you want to become a millionaire – all well and good. The reason you set this goal is that you believe it’s going to serve some need you have.

Maybe you want to be safe and secure. Maybe you want to feel good about yourself, or maybe you just want to experience freedom, and so on.

The truth is we never desire things for their own sake, but rather for the sake of the emotions which that thing gives us.

But here is the problem:

Most of us, only give ourselves permission of how we want to feel, only AFTER we get the thing we want. When you act in that manner, you have it all backward and you fail to get the Law of Attraction to be in your favor.

Manifest Money With The Alignment Principle

Imagine finding a way to tune into your desired emotions BEFORE you see the physical proofs. Imagine yourself being able to be secure in who you are, seeing yourself as worthy and valuable, or powerful right now, no matter how much money you have in the bank.

What if you could disconnect your senses of safety and security from becoming a millionaire?

There are countless stories of self-made millionaires who gained wealth while they were yet broke. Tony Robbins, for example, used to wash dishes in his bath because he didn’t have a kitchen!

These people understand what many others don’t, that being grounded and balanced is internal, independent of any external conditions.

They first figured out their “why” and tapped into it before they had witnessed their desires unfold.

You too can invite money in using this perspective and turn your wishes into reality.

It actually doesn’t matter which objective you might have: weight loss, succeeding at business, or finding the love of your life. You should ask yourself- what are the feelings you are after? Find out your whys, in vibrational terms.

This is a fundamental way in which the Law of Attraction functions: it connects your vibrations to that of the Universe. So what are the frequencies that you bring to the table, right here right now?

By aligning with your ideal vibrations from the get-go; you can manifest the things you really want. In this case, you basically aim to manifest money only from the Vortex.

Tuning into the thing itself that you think your manifestation will provide you, will unleash the money momentum and accelerate it to full speed. Let me explain.

What Is Your Money Point of Attraction?

When you don’t align first, you are acting from a place of “trying to get something I lack” and that will simply bring about outcomes that will support that goal of trying rather than getting.

Before you had it all reversed, you were trying to attract money from a standpoint of “something is missing and I am trying to chase it”.

The result was you were always choosing poor actions that led to you trying to get it, rather than actually getting it.

If, for example, your goal is to manifest money, but you chase this idea hoping it will make you confident, then your point of attraction is a place of lack. “I am not good enough, so I want to earn $50,000 a month to enjoy higher self-esteem”.

But if you learn to love yourself now, before you have reached that specific sum you set for yourself, then achieving it, will become so much easier, because you won’t be operating from a state of lack and desperation.

When Is the Right Time to Take Action to Attract Money?

After you’ve gotten to the bottom of the real reason you want to manifest money, you want to start taking INSPIRED ACTIONS. This way, you will carry yourself from a mindset of “I already own this”.

I was able to attain financial freedom with amazing speed only when I finally acknowledged myself as good enough just as I am, self-assured, worthy of love, capable of spreading my message, important, and valuable.

In other words, all the virtues which I believed manifesting money would allow me to have.

But I didn’t wait for the money to “hand” them to me, no; I gave them to myself back when I was still living in a basement apartment, surviving from month to month.

As these vibrations became my new default, I also started to do things completely differently. From taking lame actions that were founded on scarcity, I have been taking inspired actions!

Mentally, I believed I deserved abundance and felt it showing up. Therefore, the actions I took finally brought me the physical results I strived for.

Manifesting my financial wishes would never have been possible if had I not shifted my subconscious paradigms.

Once your positive emotions about yourself AND about money become dominant FIRST, you will take inspired actions, that are totally different from what you were used to.

These life-changing actions will also become a piece of cake. You will not need to force yourself to do whatever is necessary and challenges will be like a fun game to you.

You might have a pinch of fear in your heart when you take inspired actions, but they will not paralyze you. The opposite – they will push you to keep going.

Two Important Notes

  • In order to manifest your request from the Universe, you must have a clear picture of the thing you want to achieve. I talk about the importance of setting accurate intentions in my free law of attraction course.
  • You need to shift limiting beliefs about yourself and the money you intend to attract. I write in detail on how to do it here.

Manifesting Money Is All in Your Mind

Imagine that.

In a universe that houses as many galaxies as there are grains of sand -which each houses countless stars – YOUR brain is the most complex object, according to science.

Our minds are potentially (and more than likely) limitless. In fact, our unconscious processes multiple millions of inputs per second, which we filter down into just a few that make up our “consciousness”.

Law of attraction manifestation

Quantum Physics & Manifesting Money

Chemically, each of these inputs registers in our brains as a tiny electrical impulse. Every impulse creates an electromagnetic field around it and has a particular frequency. As quantum physics has shown, everything in this world is made of energy.

What makes that energy turn to solid, liquid, or electromagnetic waves, is simply its vibration. Since our minds are constantly producing electromagnetic fields, they are LITERALLY able to influence the reality around us.

I know you’re probably bored and maybe a little bit impatient, wondering what all this has got to do with manifesting. So how about we get into the ways you can become a magnet to money with the Law of Attraction.

How To Manifest Money Fast

1. Dream Big

The amount of money you wish to have is only part of the equation, but your focus should be on your passion. What you’re stoked about, what will make you wake up in the morning excited and eager to go about your day.

By focusing on your passions and pursuing them, you allow your spirit to operate from a higher emotional sphere. In addition, you also need to be good at what you do, rather than just love it. Be passionate about it, but also gifted with this talent.

2. Remove Resistance

With every vision and desire that we decide to manifest, there is resistance. Most often though, our objection to accepting money comes entirely from within. Our receiving channel is closed for business.

You know what I’m talking about, those pesky whispers in your ear: “I can’t make it happen”; “why would I, of all people, get paid large sums of money”; “I’m such a loser.” “Good things never happen to me.” “I gotta be lucky to make money.”

All of these negative thoughts are actually a defense mechanism that shows up when we try to make a change.

You see, more often than not our amygdala views “Change” as dangerous and “Same” as safety. Therefore, any move we make to shake up our norm will be met with internal obstacles.

attract money

If you are struggling to manifest money, you have to overcome the damaging mental chatter. To do so, be aware of the toxic patterns and try to find their origin.

For example, if you experience the same blockages over and over again, there is a paradigm that stands in your way. Dive deeper and explore what caused them (usually our upbringing – absorbing our parents’ views about money).

An easy way to explore it is by using Subconscious Training meditation. This tool is highly effective at helping those toxic, fearful voices to stay quiet and replacing them with empowering ones.

3. Ignore The External Conditions

Manifesting money (or anything else for that matter) begins with a positive starting point. You can’t become rich when you perceive yourself as poor. You see, a shortage consciousness essentially limits the frequencies you can output.

This is the reason why a lot of people end up trapped in life… Especially when it comes to money.

Think of lottery winners. Regardless of country, state, place of birth, or time of winning. Nine times out of ten, winners return to their previous state of debt in a short space of time. This is because their conditioning was still “broke” even though they hit the right numbers.

The key to overcoming a scarcity attitude is to begin replacing it with an abundance mindset.

Abundance has little to do with how much money you can gain in the present moment.

manifest moneyIn fact, it has far more to do with how grateful you are for what you ALREADY HAVE. It’s about remaining calm and relaxed despite your current situation. It’s about being happy at the moment, without being frustrated and stressed with ‘what is’.

When you internalize this, the physical validation in the form of cash money will follow it. It’s about feeling good right now BEFORE you see wealth coming your way. Being appreciative is the easiest and most effective way to get to that peaceful state.

4. Be OK With Your spending

Unfortunately, this is the step where most people MESS UP, so pay close attention.

If you want to improve your skills to manifest money, you MUST be in alignment with your spending.

Let’s say for example, that you decide to spend money on a new laptop, and it’s not entirely out of your budget. But, you can hold on to your current one for a little longer.

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you think that you’re spending frivolously. You make the purchase, but soon after you feel guilty about it.

This is a perfect example of being out of synchronicity with your action. Your fear in this situation sends a message to the cosmos that “there isn’t enough”. Or that you are not deserving to purchase something useful for yourself.

You’re associating guilt, fear, lack, and other unpleasant sensations with money. If you’ve already decided to spend it, let go of feeling bad about it, and be all good with that decision.

If it turned out you made a mistake, that’s fine. Don’t beat yourself up for the money loss. Just learn from this experience for the next time.

Try to be content with your purchase. Of course, exercise wisdom in your spending, but never cave to the thought there won’t be enough.

5. Stop Worrying if you don’t notice money coming yet

If you’ve set your attention on manifesting money for a little while now but still don’t see any evidence that it’s working, don’t give up. Worrying about it will not make things come any faster…

As a matter of fact, being concerned can have the exact opposite effect, since it would produce a negative vibration.

abundanceThe anxiety is only going to slow down the process and you’ll face additional trouble to manifest money. It sends the vibe of scarcity, which is the opposite of abundance, and also, strengthening your unconscious conditioning of “I can’t make it”; “there is not enough”; “I’m running out of funds”.

Instead, learn to build trust in the Universe. You can do it by keeping on reading the science behind the Law of Attraction and quantum physics and listen to empowering hidden affirmations that will help you think like successful people, surrender, and let go of fear, and anxiety.

Always try to remain positive about your money goals. At the same time, remind yourself that you can be utterly fine even without it. This is, in short, releasing attachments to the result. This is a very important topic and I’ve dedicated to it a separate post here.

6. Don’t be that Awkward Guy on a Date

Picture this for a minute:

Imagine a decent-looking guy, on a date with a smoking hot girl. He is convinced she’s CLEARLY out of his league. However, instead of seeing himself as worthy of dating someone like her, he’s going crazy and freaking out.

He is in total shock that this girl he randomly approached ACTUALLY came out on a date with him.

His thoughts are going a little bit like this “wow! I cannot believe she’s with me, what I did to deserve this?! I must find ways to impress her so she will like me more”.

Obviously, these thoughts are going to be reflected in the way he’s carrying himself and his date will notice that.

Once she suspects she’s being placed on a pedestal, she will become uncomfortable and get turned off almost immediately. The EXACT OPPOSITE of what he wants.

The exact same thing goes for manifesting money. As you start seeing the material results of your intention, DON’T FREAK OUT! Yes, of course, it’s okay to be happy. In fact, appreciating is your best go-to.

Approach it like it’s a normal situation for you. Instead of falling into the trap of the old junk programming of “I cannot believe this is happening. Hope I will not lose it”, replace these statements with “This is awesome! I put a lot of intention into it and I earned it as expected. I’ll figure out ways to maximize the abundance that’s showing up”. In other words, make a hearty attempt to focus on “I got this” approach.


To Wrap Things Up

The Universe doesn’t discriminate against anyone from manifesting money.  The truth of that can be seen in both the successful and unsuccessful.

It’s not a coincidence that most rich individuals possess higher frequencies, practice gratitude, and abundance consciousness, while most poor people do not.

Our biggest setbacks are ourselves and our limiting beliefs about our abilities to actually make this dream come true.

Our negativity doesn’t only relate to money itself. If you have doubts about your ability to attract wealth and make things happen, then you possess sabotaging paradigms regarding yourself, worth, value, and deservingness of prosperity.

To combat these, it is necessary to remove the inner obstructions. As you build new neural pathways and getting rid of destructive chatter, your new winner’s mentality will generate enough momentum.

In other words: your neural programming and the Law of Attraction collaborate together! Any achievement, in any area of life, is a combination of healthy beliefs, that lead to positive feelings, that lead to attracting great results!

Imagine what your life would be without the harmful inner voices that say “you can’t do this”. Are you ready to take responsibility for your results and get an ongoing flow of money?

If yes, make sure to check out my program that is designed to help you manifesting money by getting rid of money blockages.

Remember, follow the tips in this post, look for the real reasons that keep you stuck, and focus on this process from a positive attraction state of ease, excitement, and patience.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.