5 Ways to Attract the Right Man (Even if You’ve Only Been With Unavailable Guys Before)

5 Ways to Attract the Right Man (Even if You’ve Only Been With Unavailable Guys Before)

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It seems you’re always attracting the wrong guy into your life; and no matter how hard you’ve tried or hoped that the next man would be different, your social life stays the same:

You always end up in toxic relationships with emotionally unavailable men, or those who don’t follow through on their promises.

Sure, everything starts out great in the beginning. The romance is great and in your mind, you two seem made for each other. You quickly find yourself falling head over heels in love, grateful for finally stumbling upon the right man.

But before long things go horribly wrong and you’re left with that familiar feeling of heartbreak and regret, wondering what happened and asking yourself:

attracting the right guy“why?”
“Why can’t I attract the right man?”
“Why does this always happen to me?”
“Maybe true, long-lasting love was not made for me?”

The majority of people crash and burn in love at least once in their lives, and in many cases, they are better for it as they learn from the experience.

But if you find yourself moving from one painful relationship to another, then you have a problematic pattern going on.

And here’s the thing: The problem does not lie with all the asshole boyfriends that broke your heart. The problem lies with the parts of you that require healing!

You see, finding a good man has never been about the way you look. Yes, we do live in a world that tends to judge us by our appearance, but that’s not what defines the sort of romantic partners you manifest.

It Is All About Your Attitude

What you believe about yourself determines the way you carry yourself, which in turn determines the sort of people you attract into your life.
With the right attitude, you will start seeing much better results.

Here’s how it works:

The right attitude is all about acknowledging your value without apologizing for it or being humble about it.

The right attitude is all about authentic confidence, an approach that expresses the message that you are worthy and deserving;

That you won’t settle for just any man in order to have someone…anyone…if that will mean not having to spend another lonely weekend binge-watching Netflix on your own.

When you have the right attitude, you live and breathe this mentality. It radiates through every pore in your body. Men sense it, and are drawn to it—not just any man; only those who can match that level of confidence you have and resonate at the same frequency as you do.

Can You Sense Where This Is Going?

There is no need to pretend or fake it either. Once you truly believe you are worthy and valuable, and that you choose to share your amazing life with a great guy, one that measures up to your set standards, you will emit this energy automatically without trying so hard.

Adopting this “I am awesome” approach not only helps you connect with the man of your dreams, but also helps your other relationships with family, friends, business partners, and so on.

The reason you struggle with finding a healthy relationship in your life is that you most likely have underlying destructive paradigms. These conduct your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and which make you cross paths with jerks that can never meet your needs.

These negative paradigms make you believe you deserve less than you actually do, and cause you to settle for anyone who has little to offer.

Limiting Beliefs Keep You Further Away From The Good Man You Wish To Find

Here’s the thing: our minds don’t think in terms of paradigms.

You will never catch yourself thinking: “I’m not good enough”; “I’m not worthy”; or “I’m not pretty enough”.

The way our minds work is more subtle. The negative paradigms you harbor in your subconscious make you think thoughts like:

    • “Why isn’t he calling me? Maybe I should tell him that I am really into him. Again.”
    • “I wish I hadn’t said that. Now he thinks the worst of me…ugh!”
    • “Things are going so well. I am so afraid I will ruin it somehow”.
    • “It’s been only a few dates, but I’m in love with him”.

    Instead of direct paradigm thoughts like, “I afraid of being single!” your mind instead thinks:
    “Being single sucks”
    “It’s so lonely to be single. I’m so jealous of my married friends”.

    You also get thoughts that show you’ve given away your power, thinking that your happiness depends on external sources:
    “I want someone that will make me happy”
    “I will be complete only when I find a man that takes care of me”

    These thought patterns make you willing to roll over and settle for any man that comes your way, without even checking in if you actually want him. You harbor thoughts like, “If there is a guy who is willing to be with me, I should be grateful and say ‘thank you’.”

    Your negative paradigms also make you willing to accept the unacceptable—name-calling, being taken for granted, disrespect—so that you can hang on to your relationships, relationships where you remain frustrated for not finding the happiness you deeply desire.

    But the damage doesn’t end there.

    Whenever you end up with a kind, decent guy, your limiting beliefs turn you into your own worst enemy. You get in your own way with actions like:
    limiting beliefs

    • Calling him nonstop
    • Acting all jealous and dramatic for no reason
    • Chasing him up and down and showering him with care
    • Demanding commitment far too soon
    • Deciding you are in love with him before really knowing him
    • Demanding to be exclusive right away

    The tragedy of carrying this mindset is that your social life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your actions bring about your worst fears and nothing ever changes.

    You see, a woman who acknowledges her worth, does not do all that stuff. She’s very satisfied with her life. She fills up her time with hobbies and projects that keep her busy and content. She does not feel the need to chase anyone, and is not desperate for a relationship.
    find a good man

    She is having fun all by herself. She knows she’s a catch for any man, and as such, she is not needy, clingy, or looking for any man’s approval.

    If a guy doesn’t want her she’s okay with it: the right man will show up sooner or later; in the meantime, she’s going to continue to live her amazing, full of substance life.

    That’s the life you want, and that’s why you want to change your negative patterns. Because deep down you know that you cannot keep the same negative thinking patterns and expect different results.

    So what’s the first step?

    Remove The Love Blockages

    It all begins in the mind.

    You have to start being conscious of your thought patterns, observing your behaviors and feelings.

    You also must begin to live your best life possible, now.

    Engage in things that make you happy; don’t postpone the things you’ve always wanted to do, just because you are single.
    Go for that vacation—don’t wait until you can go with your future boyfriend!

    Develop your sense of self. You see, you can’t have self-esteem if you don’t have a self in the first place. So start checking-in with the self – “do I want this”? “What do I think of him”? “Does he deliver what I need and want”? (Yeah, that means checking-in with you. Remember you?).

    Have high standards (and believe in them) -In addition to practicing the fine art of checking your thoughts and building yourself, you want to develop a set of standards which any man attracted to you will have to live up to if he is to have a place in your life.

    Ask yourself: “What is important to me in a relationship?” so that whenever you attract a guy you can take a step back and evaluate, “Is this guy living up to my standards? Do I like him? Or am I with him because I need something to fill in as I wait for something better to come along?”

    Resist the urge to rush into relationships — even if you like the guy just after a few dates, don’t start fantasizing about the honeymoon or moving in together.

    Give yourself time to know him better—not for him, but for you. You’re not going to let just anybody come into your life. So start having a screening process, like a luxurious club.

    Don’t act needy. That’s a mindset of lack, urging you to rush things so that another girl will not get her hands on him.

    Creating this new thinking is an important first step towards attracting the man that’s accurate for you. But being aware of them is only half the battle.

    You need to destroy the negative beliefs in your subconscious and implant new, healthier core definitions.

    That’s where my subliminal programs come in.

    I’ve created a special healing recording that is designed to help you shift the negative inner talk and start perceiving yourself as a worthy and valuable individual.

    Being mindful of your patterns and at the same time working on eliminating the core limiting beliefs, can finally transform your love life.

    You can start living a fulfilling life that radiates confidence, happiness, and attracts the best men; only the ones who live up to the standards you set for yourself. You can start today by downloading this new programming into your brain.

    Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.