How To Attract Wealth: 8 Ways To Manifest It

How To Attract Wealth: 8 Ways To Manifest It

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After almost 10 years of financial independence, I can say that I’ve discovered the ways to attract wealth.

I want to share my insights with you, my choices, and the roads I took, so you can expand and grow in your own life as well.

So what are the steps to building wealth, fast?

1. Understand the energy of wealth

The energy of wealth is love. How come?

In an ideal reality, we do what we love to do: writing, singing, cooking, educating, consulting, etc.

Everyone has a special talent to generate something valuable that resonates with their passions.

As you do something inspired by your passion, you’re like a torch that radiates light. You share your love with others and, in return, you get rewarded. Wealth is a physical response to the light you spread.

I truly love creating subliminal programs. I enjoy researching each topic, exploring the right affirmations that can help counter the most common negative beliefs.

I enjoy writing them down, editing them, choosing appropriate and relaxing music, matching the right vibrational frequencies for every specific subject, and then recording the whole program.

I also really take pleasure in writing these valuable insights to you, because I know you’re going to benefit from it, and, consequently, your life will improve.

Money is never my primary motive. Rather, I focus on communicating the positive values I was blessed with and share with those who practice personal development and choose to enhance their lives.

So when you understand that attracting the pathway to wealth is simply an expression of love, it’s so much easier to enjoy it. So do what you desire and don’t compromise on it.

2. Abundance always flows forward

Abundance is similar to a river. When water flows in the river, the mud drifts up from the bottom and the river expands its width and depth.

Abundance act in the same way. As you allow wealth to reach in your experience, it will grow and grow. The purpose of the river is to constantly flow.

Therefore, if you focus only on accumulating wealth and excessively saving it, that won’t bring you true abundance, because there’s no stream going on.

The abundance gets stuck. In order to acquire money, you need to let it move from you and through you.

Sure, I often save money. I keep enough savings on hand to cover my basic expenses for 6 months, just in case. The rest is invested in other avenues of income.

But my passion for saving doesn’t stem from a sense of lack, such as “Oh, I must save so I won’t go broke.” That’s not the case.

My motive for saving does not resonate with stress or neediness. It comes from a state of relaxed decision to be responsible.

I also love to spend on things that resonate with me. I go to spas, coffee shops, wine tasting events, ski resorts, hair salons, and beach hotels. Cars were never my thing, though… but I still own them.

attracting wealth

However, I maintain a sense of balance. If I want something, I’ll buy it. And not only will I buy it, but I’ll also ENJOY the purchase without feeling bad or guilty about it.

But I’ll also be reasonable. I won’t spend all my money on things that will drain my bank account. The key is to treat your financial wealth as an intersection or a crossroads: allow the flow, and don’t create heavy traffic.

3. Attract wealth using the right words and thoughts

You already know the power words and thoughts have. Actually, thoughts have more power than words. Words are just a vehicle to convey the thoughts.

So when you say things such as “it’s hard to attract wealth,” or “I can’t afford it,” there’s a thought behind those words that says “I live in scarcity”, “There isn’t enough”.

The next time you go to a furniture store to buy a living room set, don’t tell the salesperson “I can’t afford it.” Yes, you CAN afford it! However, you CHOOSE to pick something else that incongruent with your current budget, and that can be equally good.

4. Keep some bills visible in your life

Here’s a nice trick that will keep your wealth frequency high and won’t take any effort.

I always make sure to keep a $100 bill in my wallet. When I see it, it reminds me that there’s always wealth available, that I have the money right now and always.

Also, try not to have debt. Debt keeps you trapped in the mindset of lack and scarcity. It lowers your mood and cripples you from the inside.

So do whatever you can to ensure your energetic and financial balance is not negative. Consult with a professional, read what experts say, educate yourself about ways to end debt. Do it with ease and not with inner pressure.

5. Reality reflects who you are

Remember that what you have is a reflection of who you are: your beliefs, patterns, conditioning, and definitions.

You have exactly what you’re supposed to have according to the way you’re programmed. Successful people always attract the wealth they desire because their brain is designed this way.

Yes, I know you’ve got strong desires as well to manifest wealth. Your vortex goodie bag is full of abundance. But you’re not there yet. Emotionally you still cannot contain a massive presence of prosperity.

Resistance is blocking your path like clouds block sunlight. The sun is always there, above those clouds, but it has no way to pass through their thickness and light your day.

When I was flat broke, with no hope or prospects for a better situation, I always blamed others. I was jealous of the wealthy and felt that life wasn’t fair.

But let me tell you something: Life is fair. You get exactly what you believe in.

Thankfully, I was evolved enough to question my brain wiring and explore the loser mindset I had at that time.

After I figured out my damaging limiting subconscious beliefs, I looked for ways to shift them, so my reality could finally change forever.

Subliminal messages have been and always will be my preferred way to re-channel my neural pathways. Nothing beats them. Take my word for it.

6. Don’t do things that go against your conscience

Always be aligned with your values. Don’t let greediness interfere with what you stand for.

But sometimes, you’ll get tempted. The different opportunities that come your way can tempt your ego and open the door to greediness. Listen to your intuition and what feels right.

If you receive an offer that doesn’t feel good, listen to what your gut tells you and don’t accept it.

I always get requests for custom subliminal recordings. Every session costs $147. I decline about 20% of the requests I receive because they don’t sit well with my conscience.

For example, people ask me to create audios to make a specific person fall for them. I know that won’t work. Subliminal meditations don’t work like that.

The affirmations are supposed to focus on YOU and your negative emotions or paradigms and not on other people. Actually, it goes deeper than that, but I won’t discuss that here.

So I just don’t do it. At the end of the day, it’s a lot of money that I refuse to accept.

But since I know wealth is energy, I also know that it will continuously cross my patch to me in so many other ways, and I always get to stay true to myself and be happy about it.

7. Everything is possible, and there are countless gifts in the world

I have found great houses for investment in amazing locations at a cost that was waaayyy lower than the market price.

Why? Because I believed it was possible, that houses like that were out there, and that I deserved it.


Many people tend to look for what’s familiar to them, or what they think they can find.  So when things look too good to be true, they’re suspicious and they rule them out immediately. The gifts that the Universe sends you raise worry in many because they’re not used to it.

This way of thinking perpetuates a mentality focused on the lack of wealth. So instead of dreading wonderful opportunities that seem too good to be true, don’t knock them –  explore them. Come with an open mind and see if there’s a true potential there.

You can come by many things for free, or for a very low price if you believe that you deserve them and just accept them with gratitude.

8. Deal with your fear

Most problems with attracting wealth come from deep-rooted fears:

Fear of not having enough, fear you will have too much to handle, that you will fail, or that others will become jealous of you, and so much more…

I cannot emphasize enough that fear is the root of all limitations. It can make you become needy and clingy. It can prevent you from setting free your amazing potential.

You are so gifted and blessed with unique talents. But fear causes you to keep your greatness within. It keeps you blind to the greatness you’ve got there.

I know that anxiety has stopped me so many times when it came time to take action. I didn’t believe that my actions would bring me the wealth I wanted.

Find out what you fear. Dare to see the truth behind it. And then face your it by questioning them, finding empowering alternatives, and gradually, releasing them from your system (did I mention that subliminal programs can do that?! :)), read self-help books such as Loving What Is by Byron Katie, meditate and practice emotional healing of past traumas.

Here’s a special session I’ve uploaded that is designed to align you with the vibration of wealth and abundance. It’s super powerful, so I encourage you to give it a try when you’re ready to make real progress. You can find it here.

Take small steps each day to challenge yourself and, if need be, get professional help.

To wrap things up:

Your mind definitions shape your physical world. Your emotional and mental state is the cause of your results in the material world.

If you don’t attract the wealth you desire, deep down you believe you don’t deserve it. Or perhaps you have ineffective associations with the concept of wealth and living a comfortable lifestyle.

If you feel disempowered, poor, and unsafe (internally), it’s because this is your dominant energy. You are conditioned to feel this way.

Your neurons in the parts that are responsible for processing feelings are wired to keep you in the cycle of suffering.

Don’t fall into the trap of “If I attract more wealth, I will get better.”

I thought that, too, and it led me to more depression, anxiety, and hopelessness.

Material possessions will not lead to happiness and peace. Be happy and content FIRST and then, from that point only, manifest wealth into your physical reality. Emotional manifestation always comes first.

Abundance is all around you all the time. You don’t need to struggle to get it or chase it or be needy about it. Like a tree doesn’t have to strive to get sun and water to grow, neither do you.

Face the fears that close in on you, explore yourself, your self-sabotaging patterns, your negative mental chatter, and be in alignment with your positive goals.

I invite you to check out how I changed my subconscious paradigms and turned from flat broke into a successful entrepreneur who gained financial freedom without any excessive efforts.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.

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