Deep Sleep

Sleep problems are a well-known world-wide phenomenon.
Did you know that 30% of the world population finds it very difficult to sleep well?
The sad truth is that many of them are not even aware that they’ve got a problem, but they are very aware of the symptoms.

Insomnia’s repercussions have a huge impact on your life; maybe you suffer from it too, but you don’t even know it and you may “blame” what you are experiencing on other issues.
Research points out that it’s necessary to sleep between 7 and 8 hours every night.
Like anything else in life, there is more to it. You might sleep 8 hours at night, but how well do you sleep?

Do you wake up a lot during the night? Do you find it difficult to dive into a deep sleep even when you’re exhausted?
During sleep, your body and mind go through sleep stages and REM sleep.  Disturbances to this cycle can cause you a lot of trouble while you’re awake.

 The director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City says that insomnia contributes to headaches, back pain, a weak immune system and even mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Needless to say, you’re feeling tired all day long, and that alone ruins your whole day and mood.

So how can you tell if you suffer from insomnia or other issues?

  • Check out your stress levels.  When you’re going to sleep at night, does your brain drift into a state of worry, or are you at peace? It’s easy to tell what your stress level is before sleeping. Simply pay attention to your automatic thoughts – where are they going?
  • Try to explore whether your sleep issues just began recently or if this is something you’ve been suffering from for quite a while. If it’s something you have just started to experience, see if other aspects of your life are beginning to change, such as your moods, physical pain, etc…

You will be astounded to find out how many of your issues can be solved right away if you would only sleep the right way. It’s true that in many cases, depression affects sleep, but not all the time.

People who experienced depression because of insomnia “lost” those symptoms after they dealt with the root – bad sleep.
Imagine how vibrant you can feel, and how energetic, lively and happy you can be if only you would take care of your sleep disorders. It doesn’t take much – only a true desire to take responsibility and have consistency.

There are many ways to cure insomnia, like medications (but it’s not recommended, even by doctors), CBT (cognitive behavioral treatment) and alternative ways that have been found to be highly effective if you implement them.

Studies have found that listening to Binaural Beats that contain all sleep stages (which also means the correct frequencies like alpha, theta and delta) and REM sleep can help you to tremendously improve your sleep. Not only do I create quality Binaural Beats sessions, I combine them with subliminal commands to maximize the effect of the Binaural waves.

The subliminal messages, as you probably know by now, permeate deeply into your subconscious mind because:

  1. The consciousness doesn’t know what’s being said and therefore cannot reject it
  2. The repetition fixates those affirmations into your mind.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t have any other option but to obey, and eventually… fall asleep.
For some people it takes only one session to sleep those 7-8 hours in a row, while others need to be exposed to a few extra rounds in order for that to happen.
Here is my latest version of the ‘Fall Asleep’ session I launched:
Fall Asleep Fast- Deep Sleep 90 Minutes Brainwave Entrainment And Subliminal Hypnosis Meditation

If you believe you struggle to sleep well, I invite you to listen to this session at least few nights in a row. Headphones are a must; otherwise, it’s pointless.

In addition, I’d like to share two valuable tips that you can implement easily and quickly before sleeping (the first one applies mainly to older adults) –

  • A recent study from Louisiana State University found that drinking tart cherry juice before sleep time improves sleep disorder syndromes
  • Previous studies discovered that herbal remedies such as chamomile tea helps as well. This is due to the calming and relaxing traits that teas have. This soothing feeling can put you in a numb state of mind in no time.

I suggest that you give it a try in addition to the Brainwave Entrainment session.
If you cannot listen to Binaural Beats for any reason, next time, I’ll publish a secret method to put your brain in an alpha waves state instantly.

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Be Passionate To Succeed

This article is for those who have seriously considered the option of owning their own business, becoming self-employed, and determining what their salary is going to look like.

You already figured out that working for a boss for the rest of your life is something that you’re not willing to do. You realize the only way for financial and personal freedom is to own your own successful business.
Despite the fear of change, you fully understand the rationality of this whole concept.

Now you’re ready for the next step and are eager to push things forward, but you don’t really have an idea.

Many thoughts are popping up in your head and it’s so difficult to choose. It seems that for any option that crosses your mind, there are hundreds of “why not” or “why this won’t work” thoughts.
You want to make the right choice so you won’t mess it up and regret your decision later.

Here’s the number one mistakes the newbies do when they start their own business

They are not passionate about their idea.

This lack of excitement is because they chose this business idea for the wrong reason.

When you decide to invest your energy, your money, your time, and basically your whole self in a business, you want to love what you’re doing.
It’s very simple, but this mindset seems to be missing in many situations.

Passion, excitement and inner fire are 100% imperative for your independent path, especially if you are new to this.

When you start a business for the wrong reasons, the results won’t show.
Wrong results are varying, but the common ones are:

  • Focusing only on the final results – getting more money
  • Focusing on ideas that don’t appeal to you, but you think there’s a demand for them
  • Focusing on yourself and what you’re going to gain out of this

Of course you want to make money out of your business and support yourself successfully, but this should only be the bonus. Money should never be your goal.

Passion about your idea should be your goal. Providing helpful value to as many people as possible should be your goal.

Successful business entrepreneurs always ask themselves, “What additional value can my business bring to my customers?” instead of, “What do I gain out of this?” Stepping out of the narrow “me, me, me” view and seeing your life through a wider lens will attract more positive results, more success and more abundance.

When you open your own business with an idea you’re completely in love with, there are much higher chances of succeeding.

Here are all the benefits you get from an idea that is burning within you-

  • You’ll be motivated ALL the time without forcing yourself to act
  • You’ll “breathe” your business at any given moment
  • You’ll always find new, creative ways to make it bigger and bigger
  • You’ll enjoy your life a million times more than if you were not doing what you love

It’s like getting married to your soul mate. When you’re getting married to a person you are absolutely crazy about, you’ll do anything for that person. He/she will be on your mind all the time. You’ll find ways to surprise your lover and maintain your relationship. You’ll put a lot of energy and time into it.

Now imagine when you get married for the wrong reasons. How would your relationship look like? How long do you think it would last? How happy would you be? You know the answers; there’s no need to tell you.

You’re probably thinking, “It’s a nice theory, but what if I can’t open a business with what I’m passionate about?”
Well… you can!
The truth is, you can open any business you desire!

I know a woman who struggled for years with her family about her sexual identity. She got kicked out of her own house. Her parents banned her and felt ashamed she was their daughter.
Now she’s a very successful mentor for teenagers who question their sexuality and are scared to come out.

There is an old married couple who couldn’t have biological kids. They battled for years with the authorities about adoption and finally made it after years of trying. These days, they run a multi-million dollar adoption assistance business for couples who deal with the same issue.

These are only two examples of a long chain of success stories.

Thousands of studies have been made about wealthy people.
There wasn’t only one type of rich person; they were very different when it came to their backgrounds, ethnicity, ages, genders, world views, political views, etc… BUT, research found two main mutual things most of them shared:

  • They just LOVED what they did. They had fun with it and enjoyed every single moment of creation.
  • The money was NEVER the goal.

When you’re acting out of a place of complete passion, you’ll find a way to make it successful.

You’ll find the right people who will help you and guide you; you’ll find the way to market it and reach your target audience; you’ll find ways to expand it and add different features and values. The reason you’ll manage to do all that is purely because you love it. Your love will make you commit to it and do whatever it takes to push your business to the next level.

It’s ok if you don’t have any ideas that come across your mind right now.
If you look deep down, you can find at least one thing you are good at and that you love.

It might take you time to come up with something, and that’s fine. Take as much time as you need and focus your energy on finding the right thing for you.

Make it clear that you want to own a business you are passionate about, and try to be the least stressed about it as you can be.
Stressing out about not finding an idea will energetically push it away from you. Accept the fact that it’s taking time, and embrace the fact that you have all the patience in the world and you’re willing to wait.

When your subconscious mind finally brings it out to the surface – you’ll know.
It will bring it out to the surface only when you’re ready.
When the right idea for you shows up – act on it.

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What are you waiting for?

People are always waiting. No matter where they are or what they do, they keep on waiting.

People stand in line in a grocery store and wait their turn; people wait until the mechanic will finish the work on the car;

People can’t wait until the clock hits 5 so they can go home and watch TV; when they get home they wait for dinner; then they wait for their projects the next day; then they wait for the upcoming weekend;

Students can’t wait to be finished with their B.A and start the adult life (years later they miss it thinking those were the best years of their life); people can’t wait to get married (shortly after, they miss being alone sometimes.)

At restaurants people can’t wait for the food because they’re too hungry; after done eating they can’t wait to pay the bill, come home and relax. Does it sound familiar to you?

People spend their precious time waiting for the next moment instead of enjoying the present moment.

Life would be much more enjoyable if you stopped your waiting journey for a second and just… looked around. Feel the present, appreciate the moment and be here.

Whenever you find yourself caught up in the thought of, “I can’t wait to… {Fill the blank}”, immediately stop this thought from drifting away and replace it with, “What’s special about this moment right now?”

Try to remember how many moments in your life that, at the time, you wished would be over. Now, you miss quite a few of those moments.
Keep in mind that experiences you are living through right now will be a part of your nostalgia in the future.

When you develop a whole new approach toward living in the present and enjoying the moment, it changes your life. I am not just saying it – I am standing behind this declaration.

Enjoying the little moments, feeling them, and extracting them to the fullest makes your life unbelievably fun.

Experiencing each moment is appreciating your existence.


Learning to live each little moment turns your life into an ongoing valuable adventure. Adventures don’t necessarily mean jumping out of an airplane, climbing Mount Everest or scuba diving among sharks. Adventures happen every day, right now, in these little moments. You can experience them as part as your lifestyle if you just stop waiting and start living them.

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Stop criticize others

Have people told you that you have a tendency to criticize others for every little thing? Is your partner complaining you’re picking on him/her all the time? Do you allow your loved ones to be themselves or do they have to walk on eggshells around you?

Criticizing others for the smallest things is devastating – both for you and the people you point your fingers at.  Criticism is a destructive behavior that can be stopped easily if you only become aware of it and express an inner will to change it. Stopping the cycle of criticism will enable you to enjoy yourself more around other people, you will be able to deepen your connections with others (especially the ones you love), you will be happier in social situations, and your inner satisfaction about yourself will increase.
Expressing our dissatisfaction about things that bother us is completely natural and even necessary in order to develop good relationships with people. However, when we make those complaints part of our routine, it no longer serves us and instead of strengthening the relationship It just makes it worse. Picking on small things when it comes to others not only will lead us to results we don’t want – it will do the opposite.

So how can you tell if you have a critical and judgmental personality?

  • If very minor things about the other person bothers you unnecessarily, whether you say it out loud or keep it to yourself
  • When you tend to ignore the good traits of people and focus on what’s “wrong” with them and the things they need to “get better” at
  • When you feel like you’re right all or most of the time
  • When you feel the need to control the situation

It’s a myth to think that people with a critical personality tend to criticize themselves as well.  Some of them do and some of them don’t.  It’s a myth to think that criticizing people judge others to feel good about themselves. Some of them do it subconsciously to feel better about themselves, but many of them feel good about themselves already and they don’t need to be condescending to others to feel happier or better. There are many reasons why people are criticizing others and there’s one thing that all critical people share in common – they don’t do it towards one person or every once in a while. They do it towards many people constantly without even realizing it.

How does the continuous picking on someone ruin you and the person being picked on? Or in other words – why is criticism bad for you?
When you focus on what’s wrong with what the other person is doing or saying, you put yourself in a negative vibe. You’re creating a bad energy around you of negativity and this changes your mood completely, not to mention the disastrous repercussions when it comes to the law of attraction. This bad energy, which leads to a bad mood and negative emotions, brings the other person to a feeling of discomfort and frustration. Your criticism, especially if it happens all the time, puts the other person in a defensive mode. When someone is entering a defensive state, the channel of reception is closed and nothing you say can penetrate those walls. So not only are you surrounding yourself and your relationship with negative energy, your criticism is completely inefficient because the other person’s receptive channel is blocked.
The frustration of the other person who’s being criticized on a regular basis inflicts his/her behavior and feelings on you when in your company. He/she feels they cannot be themselves and this feeling of discomfort is noticeable and creates an additional bad vibe. It also influences their self-esteem and the last thing you want to do to somebody you care about is to bring them down.

Let’s see it clearly in a flowchart:

You express criticism → that creates negative energy and puts you in a bad mood → the other person feels uncomfortable, hurt and unappreciated → this negative emotion creates another bad energy → the person who’s being criticized uses self-defense (self-defense can also be disregarding your comments) → your criticism cannot pass the walls the other person has built → the criticism cannot lead to a change → your relationship is getting wounded.

Note: It’s important to mention this again – when you’re criticizing somebody else when it’s necessary about an important matter and when it happens once in a while – that’s absolutely fine. Then, the other person is not automatically prepared to defend himself and is interested in improving the relationship (even if it doesn’t happen right away.)  Your relationship is, in this case, getting stronger and you both feel you can be yourselves without the fear of saying or doing something that will create a negative reaction.

How can you improve yourself and accept others?
You need to understand that we all are different and others cannot and should not match who they are to whatever your standards may be. If you feel like you cannot connect to the foundation of the other person’s personality, don’t be around him or her. But, if you feel the connection to the core of the other person’s personality, and all that is left are the small things – just let them go. You can let them go by realizing that these things are all that are left to condemn. You can let it go by being happy that you are allowing the other person be him/herself around you. It’s their right to be themselves and to own these small things that allegedly drive you nuts. If those small things don’t hurt you in any way, but create an unexplained annoyance in you, simply let them have it. It’s theirs and it’s ok to be different than you. You probably have your own small things and that is what makes you unique. You wouldn’t like to be criticized for those tiny things, so why to do it to others?

These small things make us special; they define us from other people. Oftentimes, those small things made us connect to the other person in the first place.  Again, if something does hurt you in any way, then you should say it and make it clear you don’t like it. What I am talking about here are the small things we criticize on a daily basis that are completely needless and can be ignored easily. Many arguments and negative feelings on both sides can be prevented if you learn to be aware of the way you perceive other people’s differences. It is alright to let people be; it is their right, it’s their life, and it is who they are. You can accept it openly and lovingly, or you can complain nonstop, achieve no change from their side and hurt your relationship. How are you going to look at this?

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Appreciate everything you have

You’ve heard it so many times, that you have to appreciate and be thankful for what you have.
In this post, I’d like to dive deeper and make it clear why it’s so important to be grateful for the things you ALREADY have, even if you think you don’t have much.

You know these people who always complain, no matter what a beautiful day there is outside? They complain about everything – the weather – how hot it is, how cold it is, how their boss is annoying, how long they’ve waited in line, how badly they felt this morning. Those people are the worst people to hang around with, so I highly advise staying away from them. If that option is not plausible, screen their words, avoid letting their destructive patterns get into you, and instead, try to empower them with your own positive views.

People have dreams, passions, want to achieve things and to reach the top. While fantasizing about these dreams, people tend to complain, criticize and sometimes hate their position in the moment. They’re frustrated by what they have and own now, and from this point of frustration, they want to prosper and manifest those dreams and goals. Well, it’s impossible, my friends.
Why is that? Let me explain it in the context of another area of life. Imagine a couple with difficulties in their relationship. They’ve decided they can’t live like this anymore, and that in order to improve their relationship, they need to do something about it.  So, they’ve decided to work on it. What scenario seems to work better? What approach do you think will bring them greater results and significantly better their love life? Here are two options:

  • Develop an understanding way of communicating, with compassion and a mutual agreement to cherish what they have in their life as a couple, what they have built together, to remember what made them fall in love.  They manage their arguments with clarity, relaxation and understanding, and out of wanting to solve problems and to not escalate them
  • Hate the state they are in now and constantly blame one another, yell at each other and forget very easily what they have, what they’ve built, and all the experience they’ve accumulated

When you want to change your life out of a place of hatred of what you have, frustration, grumpiness, and bitterness – that is the future you will attract.

When you change your perception and come from a place of eagerness, love yourself for what you’ve achieved, acknowledge what you have gotten thus far – you will intensify it and attract more experiences that will make you feel good.  You will achieve more accomplishments and goals.
People don’t realize that it is impossible to reach something great out of darkness. You have to FEEL you’re in the light in order for the light to become reality. This is wrong to think: “I’ll appreciate what I have only AFTER I get it.”  You need to start appreciate things NOW, and then the reality will catch up with your state of mind.

Imagine if a worker will always complain to his boss how much he hates his job and he wants something better. Imagine that every day that he comes to work he lists all the things he doesn’t like about this job and describes in detail his negative feelings. Do you think he’ll get a promotion or better position? Of course not! You’re probably thinking, “Nobody is stupid enough to complain on a daily basis to his boss about how much he hates his work.”  Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing! But you’re not complaining in front of your boss; you’re complaining in front of the universe every day! With all due respect to your boss, the universe has a much more immense impact on your life. When you send negative messages and signals on a constant basis to the universe about your present situation – do you think you’ll get a promotion?

Gratitude is an Attitude:

Gratitude is an inner belief. It’s a belief that lies within your subconscious mind and can be practiced easily. Having this belief will enhance the energy of light in your life; this belief will lead you to better choices, better experiences, and better results, and will expand your heart for good enlightening feelings.

Gratitude is a simple practice and you can start this process of appreciating what you already have in your life. You can begin to appreciate the money you ALREADY have so you can get much more of it, you can begin to appreciate the true friendships that you have – so you can deepen them, you can start to appreciate the car that you ALREADY have so you can attract a better one next time. Begin to appreciate and cherish every good feeling that you feel, so you’ll experience MORE of it.
When you show your gratitude to somebody else, for example, it makes this person to want to give you more. When you express thankfulness to your friend for driving you to work, you’ll get more rides whenever you need them. When you show your partner your deep appreciation for the little things he/she does, the result is that you’ll get more of those things. Imagine the enormously endless potential of what you can receive from the universe if you learn to acknowledge, respect and gratify the things you have in the present.

Unlike the common belief many people hold, gratitude means to not want something better.  On the contrary, BECAUSE you want an improvement, because you have inspirations, dreams and goals  – it’s imperative that you learn to love, appreciate and not take for granted what you got NOW, so you’ll attract tons of it in the future.

How can I practice an attitude of gratitude?
Before you go over the steps list, I remind you what I’ve mentioned in the beginning of this article – stay away from the serial complianers. If you can’t do that, learn how to block their poisen negetive perspective and lack of appreciation from reaching you.

Step 1: fully internalize the idea that appreciating what you have now is going to bring you more and more of it in the future

Step 2: if you have something in life you don’t like and don’t find a way to appreciate it – find a way to see the positive side of it and be grateful for it. For example, if you just lost your job – be grateful for the new options, and feel appreciation for the freedom you get now.

Step 3: Make a list of all the things you appreciate in your life, your accomplishments and BAD experiences that you’ve learned valuable lessons from.

Step 4: Be aware of your complaints. Train your brain to see the good side of life experiences, circumstances and situations you’re facing. After you recognize the good part of it, feel the deep appreciation you have towards it.

If it seems hard to implement, it’s only because your mind is not used to this kind of inspiring thinking. After you practice this life-changing technique, it will become easier and easier and finally this attitude will be an integral part of your inner mindset. Just like working out in the gym – at first it’s incredibly difficult because your body is not used to it, but after you exercise as part of your daily routine, your body gets so used to it and you start to see the results.

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Grow your business

This post is very specific for those who have opened a small business from home or are in the process of opening one.

You have an idea and you’ve made up your mind to take it to the next step and start running your small business. You might still keep your job until you see the results you wish for, and that’s great. I’d like to discuss about two of the main problems that people are dealing with when they first start to run their small business: time and money.

I want to dedicate this post to the money issue (I’ll talk about managing your time in a different article) and offer a new perspective that will put you on the right abundance vibration.
Many of my clients who come to consult with me about opening their business channel for abundance describe that they feel stuck, and that nothing is moving forward.  So how can you create prosperity and wealth from your home business without feeling stuck?

In order to answer this question, I want to point out two main factors you need to take into consideration and to start living and managing your business life according to them:

Investing in your business – When analyzing my client’s problem, I ask them what their approach towards their business is, and how they manage it when it comes to investments. Almost 100% of the answers are the same: aiming for maximum profits and minimum expenses. You see, when you carry this kind of outlook, you come from a place of reduction.

When you’re tuned to reduction consciousness, you won’t see big profits. You are sending a constant message to your subconscious that your business is not money worthy.  They try to do everything by themselves (marketing, advertising, selling, customer service, learning new information) without out sourcing, because they want to save money and from the savings, they want to grow.  This way of thinking is not connected to the abundance consciousness, and the law of attraction comes into action (alike attracts alike) – lack of investment, lack of money. Reduction consciousness = small profits. You are basically wanting to put in the minimum and produce the maximum. It’s doesn’t work this way.

What you are doing here is trying to magnetize abundance from a point of absence.

It sends a message to your subconscious that you are saving money on yourself, that you and your business do not deserve. How can you manifest abundance from this position?
I’m not telling you to spend money like there’s no tomorrow, but the point is to invest in your definition of yourself as a business owner, and invest on the important elementary things you need to have.

You’re probably thinking now: “How can I invest money if I still don’t have any profits?” That’s the trick. If you’re based on saving on necessary expenses, how can you magnetize abundance? Your whole business essence says deficiency. Saving on elementary and extremely essential things for your business creates a circle – you don’t magnetize, then you decide to save more money, and as a result you don’t see any profits so you decide to stint and so on. This kind of thinking is sabotaging your own success without even realizing it.

Business workspace – Another big mistake people make when they set a goal to start a business from home – which they are not even aware of – is mixing the domestic scopes and the business workspace. My clients have confessed that during the day, they wash the dishes, fold the laundry, talk on the phone, and watch their favorite shows and other things that not only distract them from their goal, but create a collision between their personal space and the business scope.

When you do these daily tasks while you’re working on your business from home, it feels unprofessional and careless. What are the chances of reaching abundance and prosperity if you mange yourself under these contradicting beliefs (the desire to achieve success but doing so sloppily?) Bring the energy of work to your business.

Remember the time when you worked for other people? When you went to work you had an office without beds or laundry. You had a work desk, as well as a door with the logo of the company. You came out of your domestic space to a workspace. That’s what you should do in your home. Create a workspace for your business. Even if you share your computer with your kids/partner/roommates, make sure to define a work space.

For example, you can create a company board with your logo (it won’t cost you more than $100 to get one), work on a desk instead of on your bed or in the living room, and define a work time without delaying it by doing other things that are sending the signal of non-work. You need to understand that this is your office and you manage your business from there. You create a work environment that supports your goal. Make your office look like one and not just another regular room in the house.

In order to make a true change, you need to remove the limiting beliefs about money, success and business. Those beliefs manage your actions and determine your results.
Here are the BEST subliminal messages programs in the market.
Click on the links for more information:

MindZoom– Self help using subliminal messages.

MindMaster– Unleash the power of your subconscious mind

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Quit Smoking

Countless books have been written about quit smoking. The media and medical facilities have uncovered the truth about all the possible dangers of cigarettes. There are so many negative traits of cigarettes, but I’m not going to discuss them here because you already know them and I won’t reveal any new information.

Besides, that won’t convince you to quit. You know the risks, you’ve heard horrible stories and you might know people who have been hurt from smoking cigarettes, and you STILL can’t quit. So let’s just sum it up so far and say that telling you the frightening results of what might happen won’t be effective. I am fully aware of that, as I used to smoke (for 12 years) – a pack and a half per day.

The last thing I wanted to do was to listen whenever somebody started to preach me about the eventual consequences of smoking cigarettes. I preferred to ignore their words and to enjoy my quality time with my precious cigarettes.

The truth is… the things they said DID bother me. It was in the back of my mind all the time, like a threatening shadow – it bothered me that I became a slave. It really bothered me that my whole schedule was determined by the question “when will I smoke?” It also bothered me when I built my business back in the day, that instead of focusing 100% of my energy on the business, my mind was on my next cigarette. It tortured me that in business meetings, the only thing I wanted was to go out and light a cigarette.

I remember one day waking up early in the morning; I was feeling depressed because I had broken up with my partner the night before, but then suddenly I breathe relieved thinking, “At least I have a cigarette to smoke now; that will make me feel better.”  Then immediately I was stunned by my own thought.  “At least I have a cigarette?!?!  I had just ended a relationship with someone I really loved, and a cigarette was going to save me from my despair?  Is the cigarette going to heal my broken heart? Is it that huge of a role in my life that it can affect my emotional state?! That stinky, filthy thing?!” And that is when I decided: that’s it, I have to stop; it’s becoming beyond ridiculous. I can’t depend on cigarettes all of my life in order to feel good. It’s just doesn’t make any sense.

I decided that I was going to do it, but I wanted to succeed at it; I wanted it to last for a really long time, and if possible – for the rest of my life. But how would I do that? I had, of course, tried before.  I wasn’t able to last two weeks without wanting it so badly that the desire was crawling in my bones. When I had attempted to quit before, I was miserable, and I was suffering.

It felt like there was no point to live like this, no point to live my whole life wanting something so badly that it hurt me down to my soul.  I felt jealous of smokers during those periods of time that I so-called “quit”. I was a wreck and felt like a zombie, so how would I do it this time for good? Releasing yourself from cigarettes should feel amazing, but I felt like a dead person walking, so how would I make it work this time without needing it obsessively?

I made up my mind that I needed to try a different approach, because the other ways I’d tried had been disasters. I decided that instead of just changing my behavior (i.e. forcing myself not to physically smoke a cigarette and stay away from cigarettes as much as possible), I was going to find a way to perceive cigarettes differently and do a 180 degree shift and view them completely differently.

You know this expression “It’s all in your head”? Well, it’s true, and all of the content in my website talks just about that – changing our beliefs and paradigms.

I was pretty successful back then, even though I had just started my independent financial path. Before I launched my business, I struggled to make money and it took me a long, beautiful, amazing breath- taking journey to change my perception about money. So then it got me wondering – if I was able to change my perception about money, and I was seeing good results, could I do the same with cigarettes? Could I subconsciously hate them, or at least take away the all of the positive credit I gave them?

And then it hit me! I internalize this fact to this day:  I could never stop smoking, if I won’t change my subconscious beliefs about cigarettes. I already realized that subconscious reprogramming is the only way to make a true change, so I was ready to start this journey. I never expected that it would be easy, but it was, surprisingly.

I started to dig deeper and deeper to uncover what my reasons were for smoking. I already knew the reasons I wasn’t suppose to smoke (diseases, bad breath, difficulty breathing, yellow teeth and much more), but what were my reasons for smoking? Why did I give cigarettes so much credit?

I made a list and wrote my reasons: it relaxed me, I felt confident in social situations when I held a cigarette, it passed the time, and it gave me a feeling of quality time with myself. In other words, all these reasons were nothing but EXCUSES to justify my systematic, slow suicide I was causing for myself, and those reasons became my subconscious beliefs that gave the cigarettes so much power and control over me.

So it got me thinking: what if I take all those reasons of why I smoke and refute them one by one? By doing that, I could take all the glory I subconsciously attributed to the cigarettes and leave them just with the negative parts, because that’s what they were causing – nothing but negative things.

You see, the reasons you DO smoke are nothing but lies you have created so your mind can still go on peacefully. If your mind wouldn’t create all of those allegedly rational reasons, you would go insane. You cannot kill yourself and poison yourself every day without finding a good enough reason to do so.

I am convinced that we make up similar excuses to why we do smoke, and I’d like to elaborate about one reason all smokers share – RELAXATION.

Smokers lie to themselves all the time.  When faced with the question “What is the purpose of smoking?” 80% of the time, the answer is, “It relaxes me.” Well, this answer is bunch of crap, and let me tell you why by sharing a fable:

A pig and a fox went sailing on a boat together on a lovely, sunny Saturday morning.  The fox didn’t like the pig and he hadn’t invited him on that trip for a fun time. He had other vicious plans.

When the pig was busy changing his clothes to a swimsuit, the fox immediately jumped on him and threw him into the wide open ocean, far, far away from the land. The pig had never learned how to swim, and he kicked with his legs in the water, which didn’t help. He started to drown and swallow water.  He screamed and begged for help from the fox who was staring at him from the boat. His screams and cries finally moved something in the fox’s heart and he decided to save him from drowning.

When the fox pulled him up from the ocean, the pig was so happy.  He was very thankful to the fox, and he squeezed and hugged him. The fox looked at him, shocked by the pig’s happiness and joy, so he had to ask him: “You’re right that I saved you, but I’m the one who threw you into the deep water. Why are you giving me the credit of rescuing you, but not the blame of trying to kill you?”

 So if we go back a little bit, you can ask yourself the same question the fox asked the pig. The cigarette is surly relaxing you, but only AFTER it caused you an ENORMOUS amount stress and lack of peace of mind. So you give the cigarette the credit of relaxation, but not the blame for causing you to feel extremely nervous and tense.

The NEXT cigarette is only relaxing to you because the one BEOFRE it left your body with a huge nicotine withdrawal, and it made you want more and more of it. The so-called relaxation is nothing but a dose of a nicotine drug that is filling the gap of the previous cigarette.

This is just one example of the misconception of how you perceive cigarettes and give them such great power and positive traits.

In order to really quit smoking for the rest of your life, you need to change the way you perceive cigarettes and place different beliefs in your subconscious – a brain wiring process. (When I wrote “really quit smoking” I meant quitting without being miserable and craving it all day long. Craving it and being miserable is not real quitting).

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can have someone to help you replace your old beliefs about cigarettes with new ones, and that will make this permanent shifting process easier.

I found two of the BEST programs that exist; they also are ridiculously affordable. These programs will help you change your subconscious beliefs about cigarettes with subliminal messages. As you already know by now, shifting subconsciously your perceptions about things, is the only way to achieve a real and ling-term change.
You choose for yourself what program fits you better – they both are truly amazing. There are lots of testimonies of that!

Click on the links to get all the information you need

Mind Master
** You don’t have to be a smoker in order to get this program – if you know someone who is addicted to cigarettes, you can get it as a gift for him or her. That is, ONLY if you know for sure this person wants to quit. There’s no point of getting it if the smoker who doesn’t want to quit.

I wish you all the best with your private journey of quitting smoking and self development in general.

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Money Abundance

First off, I’d like to start with why I am posting this article and why I keep on publishing money magnet subliminal and binaural beats videos on YouTube. This is NOT going to be my last article about money; it’s just the first of many to come.

It is so sad to notice how many people in this world (especially in the western world, where money flows so easily and frequently), perceive money in such a twisted way, and as a result, struggle to get more of it. They want it, but they don’t realize that THEY are the reason that money is lacking in their lives.

My purpose is for you to change your perception about how you see money. I don’t expect you to subconsciously change your observation about money right after you’re done reading this. HOWEVER, I do understand that when you are exposed to a certain idea that you agree with multiple times, your subconscious will shift as well.

It would be great if you could be millionaires and have private yachts and a collection of fancy cars and 10 different mansions around the globe, but this is not my goal here. I want you to have the RIGHT subconscious approach towards money so you can allow yourself to enjoy your daily life more without struggling. I want you to buy the physical experiences that you need for yourself without calculating every dollar (or Euro or whatever) you spend. I want money to be attracted naturally into your life whenever you need it, without stressing out about it.

In my next articles, I’ll go deeper into the energy of money, gratitude towards money and how to have the correct state of mind when it comes to money.

Today, I want to give you 5 simple ACTIONS and really good techniques which you can start to implement today and feel the difference.

5 Techniques that you can implement starting from NOW to attract more money easily: 

1. Express appreciation towards money every chance you can:
even if you found a penny in the street, applaud this money for its existence. Imagine how good we feel when somebody else appreciates us, even for the little things we do. How does it make you feel? It makes you feel great and you want to do MORE of it. Same thing when it comes to appreciation towards money – when you appreciate the existence of money, even one penny, the universe will send you more of it.

2. Strengthen your boundaries and have the courage to say no to what you don’t want and yes to what you do want. This way, you teach the universe how you want others to treat you. Let go of what others will think of you (I will write a post about that subject as well, I get lots of questions about how to not care about what others think of you).

When you let go of what others think of you, it’s emotionally and physically healing because essentially, you decrease the energy leaking from you.
Why is it important to define what you want and what you don’t want? Because unclear boundaries and the fear of saying no to others encourages the exploitation by others, creates a lack of appreciation from others towards you and gives you a sense of being helpless.

Clear boundaries encourage high self-esteem (that leads to self-confidence) and keep your energy to what is really important.

3. Make a wish list. Make a list of 100 things! Yes, 100.
The list will contain things you will do or people you will be assuming the money is not a limiting factor at all. The bigger the list is, it will release your subconscious from a sense of fear.

You will see how amazing this is, because this list will start to stimulate your brain beyond things you ever thought that are possible.

You will see that in due time, those things will start to appear in your life, along with the means of funding. Maybe some of the things won’t be EXACTLY like what you wrote, but close enough for you to know this is what you meant and it is manifesting in your life.

4. Be excellent money managers. Know exactly how much money you have, what is your property, where your money is coming from, and where it is invested or being spent at. Be your own accountants.

After knowing how much you have, take 10%-15% of your income and save it, even if you are in debt. If 10% is not possible, save $10 or $5, The point is to save SOMETHING. Once you put energy in saving, the money in the savings account will increase continuously. Once you write down how much you have and know what’s going on in your account, you put energy in it and the money gets respect and gratitude from you. That will bring you more of it.

5. Surround yourself with the success vibration. Hang out with people that are masters in the field you’d like to attract into your life.
Usually we will adopt the traits of people we spend the most time with. Decide from now to spend less time, or no time at all, with people who have a lack of consciousness.

Be around people with abundance consciousness, and with the same money values (and life values) as yours. Learn their thought process, their decision-making process, the tools they implement naturally in their lives, their life view. Being around winners who carry abundance consciousness, people that feel good most of the time – that will strengthen your abundance consciousness and  help you attract more and more of the things you want.

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Love Yourself

What does self-love or self-acceptance mean, exactly? What if you are not happy with your current situation, but you are told by new age books to “just accept yourself”? It’s very confusing because you want to accept who you are, while also changing aspects of yourself.

The way I see it (and the way I see it based on years of research) is that there is no difference between accepting your being and feeling the desire to change it. How come?

Self-love is basically a… change.
Love pushes you to change nonstop, to grow, to evolve, to develop yourself as a human, to discover new things and new ideas. Love is the biggest force – it is the propulsion of the universe, and as is, change is an essential feature.
Love takes us beyond what seems possible inside the mind and drives us to break down our own walls.

In simple words, loving ourselves and accepting ourselves doesn’t mean to stay as we are. Loving ourselves is not keeping the destructive patterns and difficulties we have within us.  Self-love is about accepting the good parts in our selves, AS WELL AS the bad parts, because out of acceptance we can grow and prosper.

Love encourages us to self-develop and be our best version of ourselves, achieved by determination, gentleness and patience.
Self-criticism, anger and perfectionism do not fall under the category of love.

It’s very common to think that you need to criticize yourself or be hard on yourself in order to change. This assumption is misguided and unhelpful.  Criticism closes, decreases and represses us.

In order to truly change, you need to put aside the munitions and communicate with yourself. Knowing yourself by self exploring is the key for a change.

Once you understand in depth what is conducting you, your heart opens, and love is awakens within your, which softens the self-criticism. As long as you learn to know who you are and what drives you do act and think in certain patterns, then you slowly heal the inner self and the result is increasing self-love.

Let me quote Esther Hicks (The Secret, law of attraction) – “you have to connect to the source. It’s not just loving yourself, it’s loving.  You can’t love yourself but hate someone else; that doesn’t work. You’re either in the vibration of love or you are not.”

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People with positive mindsets know exactly how to manage their feelings, their thoughts and actions in a way that will bring them abundance and success.

Being a winner and mentally strong is not just to say to yourself, “I think positively”, but it’s the basic understanding of how to act right, how to think and behave in a way that will lead you to your goal. Reading these traits written below is a great opportunity to see if you manage your life and your mind smartly and effectively.

1. Winners don’t waste their time feeling sorry for themselves. They don’t have self-pity about their given situation, the circumstances or bad treatment from others. They take responsibility for their lives and REALIZE that life is not always fair or easy.

2. Winners don’t waste their energy on things they cannot change. They don’t complain about a lack of parking or a flight delay. They focus on what they control and instead of investing precious energy, they have a positive approach and interpretation toward those events.

3. Winners don’t give up after their first failure. They see failure as something that exists as an opportunity to grow and evolve. They keep on trying different methods until they’ll make it big time.

4. Winners don’t expect immediate results. They are aware that real change takes time and practice and they have 100% patience until they achieve the results.

5. Winners don’t make up excuses and blame others. They feel full gratitude for the fact that they are the drivers of their lives and they take responsibility for directing it to the target they choose.

6. Winners are not afraid to be alone. The silence and their thoughts don’t threaten them. They don’t depend on others to feel alive. On the contrary, they appreciate this time to charge their body and mind with new good energy.

7. Winners don’t try to please others because they understand they have their own opinions and say. They can emotionally deal with other people’s frustration when they’re not satisfied with a lack of cooperation.

8. Winners don’t manipulate others by making them feel guilty. They are confident that if they want something, healthy communication and negotiation can lead them to the things they desire. Emotional manipulations are not part of their lifestyle.

9. Winners don’t give others control over their lives. You will never hear them say, “I’m so depressed because my coworker criticized me today.” They understand that the choice of how to emotionally react is in their hands.

10. Winners feel happy about other people’s success. They know that the world is full of abundance and there’s a place for anyone to succeed and prosper. Somebody else’s success doesn’t happen on their expense. They realize success appears after putting in real effort and energy, and they are willing to experience it themselves.

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