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Your experiences from childhood shape how you react and feel in relationships. Learn how to address past traumas to develop healthy relationship patterns.

How to Attract the Right Man (Even if You Only Attracted Wrong Ones Before)

attracting men

It seems you’re always attracting the wrong guy into your life; and no matter how hard you’ve tried or hoped that the next one would be different, your social life stays the same: You always end up in toxic relationships

How To Let Go of Your Ex Or Someone You Have A Crush On

How to stop being obsessive over your ex

You just broke up with your ex; you thought this person was the love of your life. But your dreams are down the drain and you just can’t believe it’s over. And if that’s not hard enough, you also can’t

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Fear of Commitment

Fear of commitment

Here is how fear of commitment looks like in real life: You just met someone amazing, and it feels as if you’ve known each other forever. Both of you feel comfortable together. You don’t need to pretend, to wear a

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How Childhood Experiences Lead to Destructive Relationships in Adulthood

It is not a secret that we are all looking for love. We not only want love, we need it. This is because we are social, emotional animals who form deep ties with those around us. When we first begin

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How To Recover From A Relationship With A Narcissist

recover from a relationship with a narcissist

Getting over a break up is hard, but breakups with a Narcissist are harder than usual. Recovering from a relationship with a Narcissist might be the most painful experience you’ve ever dealt with. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who’s ever

The Control Freak In You Ruins Your Relationship

the control freak in you ruins your relationship

Has anyone ever told you that you’re bossy? Too controlling in your relationship? Maybe your friends have said it jokingly or maybe a not so good friend labeled you a control freak? In response, you might think “Well, if I

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

comparing yourself to others

We live in such a connected world today that it’s sometimes impossible to stop the natural thoughts of comparing ourselves to others. The advent of social media has made the seamless following of friend’s lives both a blessing and a

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Why criticizing others is damaging you

Stop criticize others

Have people told you that you have a tendency to criticize others for every little thing? Is your partner complaining you’re picking on him/her all the time? Do you allow your loved ones to be themselves or do they have

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