These 5 Money Blocks Push The Abundance Away

These 5 Money Blocks Push The Abundance Away

Money Blocks

Have been doing your best and still haven’t noticed any financial results? You might be experiencing money blocks that hinder your success. Unlike the common belief, not all of these blocks are related to money directly. Some actually have to do with your negative view of yourself and your abilities.

It is frustrating to put all this work without ever manifesting your desires or even getting close to that. While the rich and famous people you see on TV turned themselves into human money magnets. Or even your not too smart friends from school, attract a massive amount of wealth with ease.

They’re doing something that’s obviously working, but what is it?

Well… it’s not about what they do. It’s about the story they have in their mind about how deserving and capable they think they are and how aligned they are with the vibration of money and abundance.

What Are Money Blocks?

Money blocks are all these self-dismissing thoughts, toxic beliefs, doubts, and negative inner chatter that give us advice that goes against ourselves.

How do you know if you have any issues or blockage with money?

The simple answer is to observe your current conditions. Are you currently satisfied with the presence of money in your life? Are you experiencing a free flow of cash from multiple income streams or you’re finding it hard to generate even one decent income?

But in many cases, your current conditions don’t really mean much and this may be just a temporary stop on your way to the top.

The best way to tell if you’re struggling with a false mindset is the way you carry yourself around money. Or more accurately – the way you feel about money.

When you’re working on your business, entrepreneurship project (or whatever it is) – check in with yourself these things:

Do you do it with ease, fun, joy, gratitude, and peace, and trust that things will work out? Or do you feel stressed, constricted, anxious, worried, restless, and fearful about the future?

Your emotions are the ones that indicate what is going on in your mind.

Most of our beliefs are so hidden and automated, that it’s hard to reflect on them and detect them in real-time. But the feelings we have on a regular basis pinpoint the paradigms that run the show.

So instead of running away from our feelings, let’s use them as our guides and see what they can tell us about ourselves. Read more about your emotional guidance system here.

Roadblocks to money

5 Most Common Money Blocks

There are many possible reasons that keep you stuck in that loop, and most of them related to the wrong things you learned about money from your environment when you were a child.

Unknowingly, you might still carry all these patterns and unhealthy baggage that don’t really serve you or your bank account.

All these blockages need to be cleared up because they bring résistance and stop the natural flow of prosperity energy into your life. These are the complete opposite of a winning mentality.

Let’s explore the main roadblocks to money that keep you in the cycle of struggling and see what steps you can take to finally shift that programming.

Money Block #1: “I Don’t Deserve Money”

In the society we live in, our caretakers and teachers always taught us that we have to prove ourselves in order to be deserving of anything good – including success, love, happiness… and even money.

We are conditioned to believe that we have to EARN things, rather than just have them. Some of us had to earn our parent’s love. Some of us had to earn our teachers’ compassion.

If you have been conditioned to look down upon your achievements and success, you may subconsciously experience thoughts such as: “Who am I to receive the good things in life? I’m not special.”

But here’s the thing: you are worthy of money, and everything good in this world, just because you are. You don’t need to justify it. Just like you don’t need to justify the abundance you get to enjoy every day, such as the air you breathe.

If you’re worthy of breathing air – why does it have to be different when it comes to wealth or financial prosperity?

You don’t have to be “someone special” or a “super-human” to be deserving of all the amazing stuff in life. You just have to be you.

I am not saying you will not need to put in some work to make money. You will have to offer a valuable solution to the world in order to be rewarded. This is an energy exchange – you offer your talents and, in return, you get to attract the money you deserve.

Money Block #2: Fear of Success

Fear of success is probably the most common obstacle that stands in your way to attracting wealth.

Here is the main reason why you are so terrified to be successful: The misperception of the side effects of having more money.

You can sabotage and block your own progress out of the feat of probable consequences: less free time, more responsibilities, fear to lose financial gains and money, fear of losing your freedom, your friends, or even your identity.

Sure, these things may happen, but who says they’re bad for you?

In addition, success can lead to future failure. You might not trust that you’d be able to handle all the blessings that will come your way, and eventually – the inevitable fall will happen. The pressure is too much to handle so you prefer to just give up in advance.

Money Block #3: Consciousness of Lack

Are you afraid to spend money because you’re worried that you’ll run out of funds? Scared that you will remain broke forever?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you most likely have blockages such as – “Money is a limited resource” AND “if I spend money, I will never have enough”.

Here’s the thing about money – it’s infinite. Money is always flowing. Just as there is no shortage of love or shortage of oxygen – there is always enough.

Another cause for this money block is that you link between your safety and money. Money is culturally linked to survival, triggering the fight, or flight reactions.

You believe that if you have more money, you would finally be safe, secure, and self-assured. And if you spend or lose money – what will happen to your safety then? It will be gone along with the money. And you just can’t allow that to happen, so you cling to money as your life depends on it.

Therefore, it’s necessary to separate between these two and start building an internal feeling of safety, an attitude of “I’ll be fine no matter what”. Rather than relying on outside sources to ensure your survival.

Money Block #4: You’re Way Too Attached To The Outcome

One of the best ways to experience rapid manifestation is to release attachment to the end result and let go of NEEDING things to happen.

Attachment is your need to fulfill your desires first, and only then you can be happy.

This type of energy block is guaranteed to make you very miserable because you’ll always be worried about losing your gains without being able to enjoy them to the fullest.

When you attach yourself to the end result, you’re getting clingy and tuning into vibrations of fear, neediness, and anxiety. You prevent yourself peace until you get that thing you set your mind to.

But see, that desperation for things to happen exactly as you want them to happen, and your refusal to be content right now, before they happen, set you on a path of resistance.

With your own emotions of fear and clinginess, you contradict your desires, rather than just be easy about it and find joy in the present, even before the manifestation has occurred.

Detachment, on the other hand, is about accepting the natural course of life, which is uncertainty. I dedicated a separate blog post for this subject here.

Abundance blocks

Money Block #5: You Don’t Believe In Yourself

Have you ever talked yourself out of what was clearly a great opportunity because you simply didn’t believe in yourself?

Believing in yourself has everything to do with living a fulfilled everyday life.

Nothing great and good was ever achieved without self-belief. Without it, you run the risk of letting your best opportunities pass you by, and it’s about time you got yourself a healthy dose of this magical pill.

When you have this money block, you think that success can work for someone else, but never for you.

On one hand, you know you have the potential, but on the other hand, you doubt you can pull it off. Hence the frustration and dissonance you experience almost daily.

Self-belief means that you have yourself to count on when the chips are down.

People who have faith in themselves are hard to miss. They usually feel good about themselves on the inside, no matter the circumstances on the outside.

They look to themselves for answers, rather than turn to other people, blame circumstances out of their control, or curse their luck. People with self-belief make their own luck.

Self-belief is imperative if you want to take your life to the next level. You can’t that leap without viewing yourself as your own crutch.

How to Remove These Blocks?

Find ways to bring emotional balance into your life

If stress over money takes over your thoughts, look for effective ways to find peace in your life. Find your center again and reclaim your power.

At this stage, don’t go specific yet when it comes to the money stress. Let it be there, and at the same time, find other ways to tune into your balance.

Examples of this can be introducing aerobic workout, start practicing yoga, do some breathing work, listen to brainwave sounds, get essential oils, stretch your body, drink herbal teas and etc.

Dedicate at least one hour of your day to spiritual self-care practices that will bring you back to balance. The more you commit to your new routine, the more momentum you’ll build around it.

Over time, the stress responses in your brain will shrink down. If there is less blood flow in the Amygdala, there is more room for rational thinking.

As you’ll turn off your fight or flight mode, you’d be able to cope with your money blocks and worries much more effectively.

Reprogram Your Thoughts

Our brain is elastic in a way that we can train ourselves to overcome challenges and be anything we want to be. We can literally retrain the brain and shift the neural pathways.

Change your thoughts

Now that your new and improved self is more stable, grounded, and relaxed, you can do some self-reflection work around money.

When you are alone and have enough time for yourself, sit, and observe your thoughts about money. Be honest with yourself and look for the patterns that impede your financial growth.

Are you secretly putting spoke in your wheels because you don’t think you’re capable of handling success? Are you afraid to lose your freedom? Your time?

And if yes – is having more money will actually make you lose your freedom in the long run? Do you believe you are not good enough, talented enough, or smart enough?

Whatever comes up, don’t resist it. Don’t judge yourself. Just allow the blocks to reveal themselves to you.

Then, after you write everything down and collect the right data about your money blocks, it’s time to challenge your thoughts. Read this comprehensive guide on how to challenge negative thoughts step by step.

In short, find alternatives that refute the original, toxic belief.

For example, if one of your blocks is: “I am not good enough to make money and be successful”, find a healthy thought that you actually believe. Here are a few examples:

  • Everyone can change their mindset and make money and there are countless success stories of poor people who made it.
  • I am good enough simply because God created me.
  • I was born into this world to grow and expand. Abundance is my natural right.
  • I was born capable. My brain is capable beyond imagination to create the life that I choose for myself.

If you want to speed up this process and clear up these blockages, then get instant access to my mind-shift formula.

The covert suggestions are perceived by our brains, below our level of awareness. Meaning, we process them, but without being aware of doing so.

In other words, this type of mind training bypass the walls of your consciousness and reach the deep levels of the mind easily and effortlessly. Check out this paradigm shift tool to banish money blocks and embrace the mindset of the rich.

Meanwhile, you should still take an active role and use the guidelines above and get to know yourself and your personal challenges.

The new, alternative thoughts you come up with in the exercise above, over time, will become your truth. They will become your new story. And as you keep telling yourself that story – it will become your new reality.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.