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This post is very specific for those who have opened a small business from home or are in the process of opening one.

You have an idea and you’ve made up your mind to take it to the next step and start running your small business. You might still keep your job until you see the results you wish for, and that’s great. I’d like to discuss about two of the main problems that people are dealing with when they first start to run their small business: time and money.

I want to dedicate this post to the money issue (I’ll talk about managing your time in a different article) and offer a new perspective that will put you on the right abundance vibration.
Many of my clients who come to consult with me about opening their business channel for abundance describe that they feel stuck, and that nothing is moving forward.  So how can you create prosperity and wealth from your home business without feeling stuck?

In order to answer this question, I want to point out two main factors you need to take into consideration and to start living and managing your business life according to them:

Investing in your business – When analyzing my client’s problem, I ask them what their approach towards their business is, and how they manage it when it comes to investments. Almost 100% of the answers are the same: aiming for maximum profits and minimum expenses. You see, when you carry this kind of outlook, you come from a place of reduction.

When you’re tuned to reduction consciousness, you won’t see big profits. You are sending a constant message to your subconscious that your business is not money worthy.  They try to do everything by themselves (marketing, advertising, selling, customer service, learning new information) without out sourcing, because they want to save money and from the savings, they want to grow.  This way of thinking is not connected to the abundance consciousness, and the law of attraction comes into action (alike attracts alike) – lack of investment, lack of money. Reduction consciousness = small profits. You are basically wanting to put in the minimum and produce the maximum. It’s doesn’t work this way.

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What you are doing here is trying to magnetize abundance from a point of absence.

It sends a message to your subconscious that you are saving money on yourself, that you and your business do not deserve. How can you manifest abundance from this position?
I’m not telling you to spend money like there’s no tomorrow, but the point is to invest in your definition of yourself as a business owner, and invest on the important elementary things you need to have.

You’re probably thinking now: “How can I invest money if I still don’t have any profits?” That’s the trick. If you’re based on saving on necessary expenses, how can you magnetize abundance? Your whole business essence says deficiency. Saving on elementary and extremely essential things for your business creates a circle – you don’t magnetize, then you decide to save more money, and as a result you don’t see any profits so you decide to stint and so on. This kind of thinking is sabotaging your own success without even realizing it.

Business workspace – Another big mistake people make when they set a goal to start a business from home – which they are not even aware of – is mixing the domestic scopes and the business workspace. My clients have confessed that during the day, they wash the dishes, fold the laundry, talk on the phone, and watch their favorite shows and other things that not only distract them from their goal, but create a collision between their personal space and the business scope.

When you do these daily tasks while you’re working on your business from home, it feels unprofessional and careless. What are the chances of reaching abundance and prosperity if you mange yourself under these contradicting beliefs (the desire to achieve success but doing so sloppily?) Bring the energy of work to your business.

Remember the time when you worked for other people? When you went to work you had an office without beds or laundry. You had a work desk, as well as a door with the logo of the company. You came out of your domestic space to a workspace. That’s what you should do in your home. Create a workspace for your business. Even if you share your computer with your kids/partner/roommates, make sure to define a work space.

For example, you can create a company board with your logo (it won’t cost you more than $100 to get one), work on a desk instead of on your bed or in the living room, and define a work time without delaying it by doing other things that are sending the signal of non-work. You need to understand that this is your office and you manage your business from there. You create a work environment that supports your goal. Make your office look like one and not just another regular room in the house.

In order to make a true change, you need to remove the limiting beliefs about money, success and business. Those beliefs manage your actions and determine your results.
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