5 Steps To Become A Money Magnet Starting From Today

Money Magnet

First off, I’d like to start with why I am posting this article and why I keep on publishing money magnet videos on YouTube. This is NOT going to be my last article about money; it’s just the first of many to come.

It is so sad to notice how many people in this world (especially in the western world, where money flows so easily and frequently), perceive money in such a twisted way, and as a result, struggle to get more of it.

They want it, but they don’t realize that THEY are the reason that money is lacking in their lives.

It’s interesting to see that the majority of people work so hard, many hours every day, and at the end of the month find themselves without a penny left while others are reaping huge profits and manifesting lots of money without any stress or blockages.

What makes one become a magnet to money? How do rich people invite an endless flow of finances into their lives?

The Riches Outlook On Money

1. Successful people view money in a positive, healthy, and balanced way.
2. They believe they are deserving of having money.
3. They believe they are capable of achieving success and abundance.

Sounds simple, right?
Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Why? Because our most stubborn paradigms are stuck deep in our subconscious mind. And if we’re not aware of our toxic perceptions of money and our ability to magnetize it, then we’re going to face the same lame results over and over again.

If you subconsciously convinced that rich people are evil and selfish… or that you are not good enough, valuable and worthy, smart enough, competent enough…. or maybe that you aren’t worthy of abundant living – then all of your time, energy, and conscious effort you put into making more money are in vain.

See, if hard work was the secret to financial success, every construction worker and cocktail waitress would be rich.

But just because you absorbed all the junk programming about money from an early age, doesn’t mean you have to believe in it for the rest of your life.

You can alter your unhealthy patterns. In fact, your brain is not only capable to change, but it is DESIGNED to change. Neuroplasticity studies prove that time and again.

I’d like to share with you 5 simple actions you can do starting from today to become a human money magnet.

Do This To Build Your Money Magnet Mentality

Express appreciation toward money

Gratitude is key when it comes to attracting more money into your physical experience. Whether you receive expected and unexpected gifts, or find money on the sidewalk, or when you get paid for your work – appreciate the money that crosses your path.

Stop complaining about not having more, simply thank it for showing up in your life.

The gratitude sends a message to your brain and the Universe of “give me more of this please”.

Imagine if you did something nice for a friend and that gesture would be accepted without any appreciation or acknowledgment. How would you feel about it? Would you be eager to do them a favor again?

Every healthy relationship is based on the acknowledgment and appreciation we feel for one another. The same goes for our relationship with abundance, money, and the Universe.

Keep a $100 bill in your wallet

It may sound silly, but this little trick to magnet money works. Why? Because your brain gets the message that you always have enough. Even if you have debt or unpaid bills.

Having that bill in your wallet and looking at it often gives you the feeling that you have plenty. This can attune you with the vibration of money faster, so you can keep earning more of it.

Align with your spending

Has it ever happened to you that when you spent money on things, you felt an uncomfortable feeling inside you? It may have been guilt, fear, and stress. Whatever that unpleasant sensation was, it wasn’t helping you have more money in your life.

Instead, why don’t you make a deal with yourself? Every time you decide to spend money on something – stand behind your choice.

Let go of unnecessary guilt or self-blame. Don’t be afraid to spend money.

If you spend your money – do it wholeheartedly. And if that purchase proved itself to be a false decision – learn from it. But don’t beat yourself up for making a mistake.

Take ownership of your money investments and spending and release any negative association with these purchases.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you splurge irresponsibly. On the contrary, saving money is an awesome practice. But if you have already made your mind about buying something, or if it has already happened – stand behind it.

Be excellent money managers

Know exactly how much money you have, what is your net value, where your money is coming from, and where it is invested or being spent. Be your own accountant.

Yes, you might feel anxious about monitoring your finances. You probably gain temporary relief when they stick your head in the sand, but this sabotaging behavior is not going to serve you in the long run.

After knowing how much you have, take 10%-15% of your income and save it, even if you are in debt. If 10% is not possible, save 5% or even less.

The point is to save SOMETHING. Once you put energy into saving, the money in the savings account will increase continuously.

And again, you’re communicating with your mind and the Universe in a way that shows you respect money and expect to get more of it.

Then, use your savings for smart investments. There are so many options to invest your money in stocks, startup companies and so much more.

Don’t envy successful people – learn from them

Money magnet people can teach you so much about generating multiple income streams and how to handle profits properly.

Rather than viewing wealthy people as the enemy or envy them, make friends with them. Learn their thought process, analyze their decision-making, see how and where they invest money, their approach to business, the tools they use to earn more and etc.

Usually, we will adopt the traits of people we spend the most time with.

Decide from now to spend less time, or no time at all, with broke people, losers, and those who complain constantly or have a scarcity consciousness.

Being around winners who hold an abundance mentality, and that feel good most of the time will strengthen your abundance consciousness and help you magnet more of the things you want.

In addition to doing all these things, there is a faster and effective way of altering your poor based money patterns.

Check out the programs below. These are designed to help you get rid of money blockages and self-esteem issues and amplify your manifestation.

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All of the hidden commands are meant to replace the old beliefs you have about making money or fears you hold that block your road to prosperity.
Exposing your subconscious mind to this program on a daily basis can create new money-oriented neural paths.

You don’t have to be broke forever. You can get unstuck and start to experience huge financial growth. Embrace a new mindset and see your physical reality changes as well.

Edith Moscowitz is the founder of Vortex-Success. The Vortex-Success project has established itself as the best formula available today for subliminal messages and subconscious paradigms shifting. My recordings have touched the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide.