self awareness

Know yourself. What a powerful statement! Socrates may not have lived in a period where knowledge of the subconscious was just one Google click away, but he was sufficiently self-aware to understand the supreme importance of self-awareness and to share that with the world.

Know yourself. There are several assumptions inherent in this statement:

1. First, there is such a thing as a self, an identity.

2. Second, it is possible to drill down into this self, to get to know it, and to recognize the automatic patterns that manage our behavior.

3. Third, this self is definable – we can choose the words and symbols that define our identity.


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It is not a secret that we are all looking for love. We not only want love, we need it. This is because we are social, emotional animals who form deep ties with those around us.

When we first begin to explore our sexuality, we experiment and try different things. We invite people into our lives without being especially selective.

In fact, it may be fair to say that we have no standards at all, to begin with since we are trying to figure out what fits us and what doesn’t.

We define ourselves through contrasts – using good and bad experiences with others. Or, at least, that’s what most of us think. We live under the illusion that we are thoroughly aware of the choices we make.


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First of all, you should know that listening to subliminal messages is one of the most effective tools for tackling the limiting beliefs you have, the beliefs that prevent you from fulfilling your potential and living the full life you deserve.

Many celebrities and successful entrepreneurs are proof that this method gets them results by helping them achieve their life goals.

However, occasionally, people contact me to let me know that they’ve tried listening to subliminal audio-tapes created by others and are hesitant to purchase my recordings because it didn’t work for them.

Let’s do away with the myth that subliminal messages don’t work.


Challenging Negative Thoughts Blog Post

Negative thoughts can crop up at the worst possible times. And to make things worse, challenging negative thoughts can seem impossible. You may be having a great time and then your mood suddenly changes.

Those around you get confused as to the reason why.
No, you don’t wanna talk about it. Yes, you will be fine. Will everyone just please leave you alone?!

The negative mentality can go beyond being an occasional nuisance to the point where it dominates your life and ruins your relationships. Negativity can leave you feeling insecure, concerned, sad, irritated, small inside, unloved, and rejected.

If you are reading this, perhaps you have tried your best to get rid of them to no avail. You may have even reached the point where you consider negative self-view a part of “normal life”.


I have noticed that not many gurus and teachers out there talk about the importance of letting go of attachments.

And yet, this is one of the main reasons why so many of you don’t attract the financial abundance you want, including myself – until a few years ago.

When you’re too attached to the final result you wish to have, you send a message to your subconscious that says, “if I don’t get it, I will not be happy.” Or in other words, I will only be happy if…


You’re not sure of yourself. You feel you don’t believe in your capabilities. You want to push forward your business, but fear stops you.

The emotions that rule you are worry, hesitation and stress. You want to find the love of your life, but are afraid no one will ever love you. Because deep inside, you don’t love yourself.

Lack of self-confidence is not only reflected in fear of public speaking, but also in being embarrassed to approach strangers or fear of dancing without drinking a few shots before you stand up and get out onto the dance floor.

Low self-confidence reflects your general negative sense of your value, your worth, and your capability to actualize yourself in all areas, or in the areas of life that are important to you.


Being Persistent
Even with the most positive attitude in the world, you’ll achieve little without being persistence. The journey of life, by its very nature, is more than peppered with roadblocks, potholes, and detours. But that’s part of the fun.

Chin-Ning Chu makes an interesting point about being persistent in her book “Do Less, Achieve More.” Try to imagine a football game in which the defensive team simply stood on the field and watched the opposing quarterback stroll to the end zone with the ball, smiling all the way.


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How to achieve goals
You can find tons of articles online and elsewhere about setting goals. This article goes a step further by guiding you towards the path of achieving goals the right way.

That means not just writing your goals down, but also following through on them. Taking baby steps until you get what you want.

Always remember: You may not get EXACTLY what you want, but you can get the idea of what you want—or something a lot better.

A personal story

With the Vortex-Success Project, my initial goal was to spread my subliminal programs around the world and help 1 million people change their negative patterns. Today, my recordings have touched the lives of more than 20 million people, and my reach keeps growing.


recover from a relationship with a narcissist
Getting over a break up is hard, but breakups with a Narcissist are harder than usual. Recovering from a relationship with a Narcissist might be the most painful experience you’ve ever dealt with.

Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who’s ever been in a relationship with a narcissist and you’ll hear the same story.

“They are the most self-involved, self-loving, abusive people I know.”

The worst part is, narcissists are seemingly wholly unaware of their disorder- which makes the abuse you faced even worse…

There was never any hope of reasoning with them or changing them. They are who they are and who they are is perfect.

If only you had known that to begin with…


manifesting money

One of the most common reasons that people turn to the Law of Attraction is for manifesting money. That’s not a bad thing. I mean, let’s face it, money is an essential tool in our lives.

We’ve all been there. I remember once having to eat cereal for two days because I had to wait for my salary to come through. (Talk about stressful.)

If you’re in a tough spot right now, or just want to improve the quality of your life, then this guide to manifest wealth opportunities is for you. In it, you’ll learn the EXACT steps that YOU are required to take in order to overcome challenges around money and turn your financial situation around.